Student Loans For Single Mothers

January 31, 2012

Student Loans For Single Mothers

The first thing to do when looking for student loans for single mothers is to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is an application when lets you apply to all federal loan and grant programs. This is most important as it will allow you to apply to loan programs like the Stafford and Perkins loan programs which offers student loans in the unsubsidized category, which essentially means need based which a sitution like being a single mother provides excellent documentation of. Not only will this allow you to apply for grants for single mothers, it will also present the opportunity of possibly being eligible for obtaining federal grant programs which is money that you never have to pay back. After you have mailed in your FAFSA, you will then get back what is called an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) sheet which calculates how much financial help your are going to recieve if any, which the EFC will calculate the contributing factors and dictate how much federal financial aid you will be eligible for. This is where student loans for single mothers with bad credit comes in as well as federal loan programs are not credit based, which means credit doesn’t dictate eligibility.

Student Loans For Single Mothers

It should also be known that you should fully exaust federal student aid before resorting to private assistance as federal student loans come with lower interest rates which are fixed rates, meaning they don’t ever change, and much better repayment options. If you have ran out of federal student aid and still are looking for student loans for single mothers, private loans cover the rest of whatever federal assistance didn’t cover, but they come with higher interest rates and much less lenient repayment terms, but if you really need a private student loan then the first provider to go through would be credit unions whom have been known to offer student loans with comparible interest rates to that of federal loan programs as well as come with other perks like interest rate discounts for good grades. The main thing to keep in mind if you have to apply for private student loans for single mothers is the fact that that interest rates are dictated by your credit score, which if you are a bad you will want to try and find someone who has a good credit score to co-sign for you which will allow you to enjoy much lower interest rates than applying with a bad score.

There are also more career oriented programs that offer grants and student loans for single mothers, so depending on what career you are looking to go into, you will want to search the internet for loan and scholarhips programs for your profession, like for example if you are looking to become a nurse than you can search “nursing school student loans for single mothers”. If you do not have a computer at your home, then you can use the library to start your search as they provide free internet access to library members, which you can become a member for free.

Alternatives For Student Loans For Single Mothers

Another resource that you can utilize before taking out a single mom student loan is to talk to your employer if you are working and ask them if there are any programs for employees going back to school. Often times a benefit provided to employees is tutition help and/or scholarships, which if you are looking to go into the same feild as the job you are alread working in, but advance to a higher position, you can let your employer know this as they will be more inclined to provided financial assistantance to make you a more valuable resource on the workforce than hire a new person.

If you are unable to work while in school but still have the desire to do so, a great program to consider is the Federal Work-Study Program (WSP), which allows you to work a job that is similiar to the profession that you are studying to go into, which the employment is aranged by the college. This will help you earn money in which the money you earn will go towards paying your tution, leaving your with a lot less debt to have to pay off when you graduate. This federal program can save you from even having to take out student loans for single mothers or limit the amount of money that you have to borrow, which you can learn more by inquiring about it through your schools administrations office.

When you attend the administrations office at your school, you can also make a free appointment with a counseler who may be able to help you find both local and national programs that offer student loans for single mothers, as well as just explaining your situation can come with certain tuition discounts.

It should also be known that when seraching for private student loans for single mothers, you will want to go through a provider who specializes in student loans, and not take out a generic loan as these will just come with much higher interst.

Financial Support For Single Mothers

November 29, 2011

Financial Support For Single Mothers

If you are looking for financial support of single mothers, you obviously rightfully deserve it as you are working one of, if not the hardest job in the world. Between raising the little ones to grow into great adults and the possibility of looking for work and contemplating going back to school, you have a lot on your plate. Due to this fact, there are programs that offer single mothers financial support that can help you in many areas of your life, both federal programs as well as private and non profit organizations, that are all established to lend a hand to those in need. Below are these great programs, as well as a brief summary of what they offer.

Financial Support For Single Mothers

Financial Support For Single Mothers Programs

Schooling Support For Single Mothers

Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Awards – The word Soroptimist can be defined as “the best for women” making this  program is an excellent option to apply for when looking for financial support for single mothers, as they are fully dedicated to help women in multiple areas. Some of these areas, besides their grants program include; stopping domestic violence, putting an end to trafficiking females, disaster grants and more. Other great programs that are dedicated to offering schooling support for single mothers are; Jeannette Rankin Foundation Scholarships, Talbot’s Women’s Scholarship Fund and Royal Neighbors of America Scholarships for Women. It is also highly advised that you fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is an application for federal financial aid, in the form of both grants like the Pell Grant, as well as federal loans like the Perkins Loan, Stafford Loan and PLUS Loans.

Housing Single Mothers Support

The major provider of housing help is a federal program called Housing and Urban Development (HUD), who functions off the main purpose of providing safe as well as affordable homes for those who need it most. You can also use HUD for things like home repair financial support, job employment, rental assistance, buying a home and more. Other programs that can be used when looking for financial support for single mothers in the form of housing grants are support are; Temporary Aid For Needy Families (TANF), Transitional Housing Grant Program as well as a program called CoAbode who specializes in finding other single mothers to become the roommates of other single mothers, as a way to provide rent support.

Car Support For Single Mothers

Charity Cars – Although not exactly financial support for single mothers, Charity Cars can be an excellent organization to utilize if you need a car, as they donate cars to help those who are in dire need of transportation. You can find out more by contacting 1 – 800 – Charity Cars (242 – 7489). Other resources that you can use that can result in your obtaining a donated or cheap car are; local non profit organizations, the Goodwill as well as

All Encompassing Single Mothers Support

211 – If you happen to need immediate help, you can call 211 who can assist you in finding local support for single mothers right in your immediate area.

Assistance For Single Mothers – 8 Financial Assistance Programs

November 4, 2011

Assistance for Single Mothers

(Before we get into the financial assistance for single mothers programs, it would be great for you to know that by simply calling 211, you will receive information on all the assistance resources in your area, which involve; housing, care for your children, local food banks, help with utilities and more.)

Assistance For Single Mothers

Dear ALL Single Moms,

There are plenty of programs out there, both federal as well as private that offer financial assistance for single mothers in many different forms, like schooling and housing as well as utility bills and more. Below are 7 different programs that have offered ample amounts of assistance for single mothers programs that you can utilize to receive some well deserve money to make your single mom journey less stressful. Although all of these programs aren’t created just for single moms, they cater to those in need of assistance.

7 Financial Assistance For Single Mothers Programs


  • The best thing you can do when on your search for assistance for single mothers is to contact the Department of Human Services for your individual state, which is the provider of various areas of assistance, some of which include; food, child care and support, medical services, assistance in providing cash as well as emergency services among others.


  • If your are seeking schooling assistance for single mothers, the best thing to do ASAP would be to fill out a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is and application that determines your qualification for various different school grant programs, like the Pell Grant, as well as loans and even work study programs.
  • The Sunshine Lady Foundation – This program is offered by Doris Buffet, who when she started it was a single mother herself. Their mission is to provide funding for the “advancement of education, new well being and life choices” with special dedication to helping families who are poor are in a crisis.


  • IF you happen to need financial aid for health insurance for your kids, there is a federally funded program called Insure Kids Now! This resource is offered by the Department of Health and Human Services, and offer either free or low cost medical insurance to those who qualify as a way to assist in making your monthly expenses lower.


Housing assistance for single mothers can be found in multiple places, but the best programs out there are currently:

  • HUD – Housing and Urban Development is a national federally funded program that offers assistance in various forms to those in need including; avoiding foreclosure, rental assistance, housing counselors, applying for grants as well as purchasing a home.
  • CoAbode – CoAbode is a non profit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance for single mothers in the form of providing a compatible single mother roommate in order to help out with the housing bills.
  • Transitional Housing Grant Program – This assistance for single mothers program is dedicated to providing housing assistance in the form of grants. This organization is dedicated to helping single mothers who have experienced domestic violence as a way to get them back on their feet.


  • If you are in need of a new car, you can find assistance for single mothers in the form of a donated car through Habitat For Humanity, who donates many cars every year to needy families.


Single Mother Help – 13 Different Organizations

October 15, 2011

Single Mother Help

Single mother help can be found through various programs and organizations, some legitimate, some not, for this reason we have gathered together a list of 7 different accredited  organizations that you cna utilize to get the help you need, whether it be financial or just relating to other single moms. We have information on housing help, medical bills assistance, free cars, school grants and way more. Below are the list as well as an indepth description of each program so that you know all that you can get out of them.

Single Mother Help Organizations


Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

  • HUD is a national government funded program that can provide helping for single mothers when it comes to various things like; help paying rent, finding safe and affordable homes, grants for fixing things in your home, finding jobs for people who are unemployed and more. To learn more about them, you can visit which is their main website.

Transitional Housing Grant Program

  • The Transitional Housing Grant Program offers single mother help in the form or grants for women who have gone through or are going through domestic violence, stalking, dysfuctional relationships among similiar issues. They are more of a temorary assistance resource that can help with relocating to a different house, bills that include rent and utilities, security deposits and more. You can vist them at for more information.


  • Temporary Need For Needy Families (TANF) is another great resource for housing single mother help. You can learn more at which is a site dedicated to educating you about them.


There are many great organizations that offer educational grants and assistance for single mothers who are trying to better their earning potential through higher education. The best thing to do for educational grants is to fill out a FAFSA which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid which determines how much money you are eligible for through government grants like the Pell Grant and other as well as see which one of the many educational grants and loans programs you may be eligible for. You can visit at where you will be able to fill out a FAFSA.

Other Schooling Single Mother Help Programs:

  • The Sunshine Lady Foundation  – which can be visited at which is their main website.
  • The Womens Opportunity Awards – This a program designated for granting money to mothers who are the major earner of the family and can be visited at


Insure Kids Now

If you are having trouble getting medical insurance, the program called Insure Kids Now. They offer medical help in the form or Medicaid for children as well as, at times, for their parents as well.

  • NeedyMeds is a non-profit program that offers assistance for those who cannot afford medicine and other costs related to healthcare.
  • Patient Advocate Foundation Co Pay Relief (CPR) also offers medical single mother help, offering assistance with co pays as well as help paying for pharmceuticals for those that are uninsured.


Habitat For Humanity

Habitat For Humanity is a great resouce for single mother help in the form of free cars. There are many people who donate their cars each year to them and are made available for people who need them most. You can visit them at


Single Mothers By Choice

  • Single Mothers By Choice is a program that has group meetings all over the US, Canada, Europe and other countries, where single mothers meet up and share information as well as any resources that have helped them or provided value to them.  They offer various different single mother help methods for; potential moms thinking about having children, expecting mothers as well as moms who have children. They were founded in 1981 by a women named Jane Mates who choose to be a single mother instead of stay in a disfuctional relationship. You can learn more about them as well as find a chapter that is close to you by visiting

Another site that can help you immensely is: They provide single mom help in the form of business grants as well as self development for women and more.

This is a government ran site that allows anyone to become a registered user of the site, where reigistered users gain access to over 900 different grant programs. Note, this site does’t supply money, but has been the middle man to referring people to grant programs, over 5 billion dollars per year.



Help For Single Mothers – 5 Great Programs

August 16, 2011

Help For Single Mothers

First of let it be said that all of us need a hand sometimes so when you are seaching for help for single mothers, don’t feel ashamed one bit as it will only be a temporary situation. There are many ways that are out there advertising help for single mothers, some legitamate and most scams. These programs range from offereing many different help methods related to being a single mom. If you are looking for help for single mothers methods, this information will give you multiple different REPUTABLE ways to get help you need as well as keeping your from the scam artists out there.

Help For Single Mothers

Help For Single Mothers

Here are 5 excellent programs that provide help for single mothers, ways that will put you on the right track towards getting what you need:

  • Although it is not a programs designated for help for single mothers, it should be mentioned as it orchistrates billions of dollars per year in grants. The progam can be found at and will provide you with a host of different ways out there to obtain grants, which is money that you will never have to pay back. All you have to do is become a member of the site which will open instant access to over a 1000 programs out there that have provide help for single mothers countless times.
  • Another help for single mothers organization that you can use is to call your local Department of Human Services office who will help you with different grant and scholarship programs around where you reside.
  • If you happen to be unemployed, Temporary Assistance For Needy Families is another excellent program for all lo0king for help for single mothers. This program was founded in 1997 and will help you both with funds as well as getting back into the work force making sure that you have the means you need until you are back to work.
  • An excellent program that is providing help for single mothers all over the country when it comes to medical bills for their children is an organization called the Childrens Health Insurance Program which is there to offer you with either completely free insurance for your kids or highly discounted depending on your financial need.
  • Anotehr program that has been around for quite some time which you may have heard of is called Women, Infant and Children, or WIC and has provided millions of dollars in financial aide that has provided help for single mothers all over the US year after year.
  • is another excellent organization that provides help for single mothers. What you will have to do with them is get on their mailing list, which can be done on their main page, and what is usually once a week or around that, you will receive an email about discounts and deals when it comes to items that your children need, which range from school supplies, clothes among many others.

Help For Single Mothers – Conclusion

When you apply either online or in person through these help for single mothers agencies or programs, be sure to be equipt with all the things you need that you will have to provide for your personal information like proff of residency, social security card, pay stubs, birth certificate, statements that show rent and bill payments among others. In order to know what exactly to bring, it is best to call the single moms help organization and ask them what you will need in an interview, and do your best to not forget any of these things because they may require you to have to make another appointment which can set you back more time in getting help for what you need.