College Grants For Women – How You Can Get Them & 4 Great Programs

April 6, 2012

College Grants For Women

Being that you are a woman, you are considered to be in a situation that is a “disadvantage” which may sound harsh to some but it actually puts you in a good position to get grant money, as those who fall into a the disadvantaged category have first priority to grant money. It should be known that these grants are spefically for women which other personal aspects can help you get them as well like being a minority or a single mothers among others. Now when apply for college grants for women, there are multiple ways you can get these grants and use this money for college, which is money you will never have to pay back. Below are various tips that you can use that will help you attain college grants for women that will provide you with the money to be able to afford a degree that will make you a valuable resource in the job market and provide you with the credentials needed to earn the money you need to support your family.

College Grants For Women

How You Can Get College Grants For Women

Financial Aid Office

Now whether you are atteding college now or going to be doing so in the near future, the first place to start is your financial aid office which you will want to make an appointment with a financial advisor who can point you in the right direction and help you apply for college grants for women. Although this resource is a great place to start, it shouldn’t be your only stop as it is limited in the amount of value it can give you, so utilize the tips below to increase your opportunity of becoming eligible for school grants for women.

Applying Online

Now you can also apply for as many programs online as you can that are offering college grants for women which you can do so by searching for grants that are applicable to your personal situation. You can search for things like; grants for minorities, grants for women going back to school, grants for teenage women, grants for middle age women, grants for single mothers, scholarships for women, grants for women for nursing school, grants for black women, grants for hispanic women, grants for women with children and more. Whatever situation you are in, you can locate a grant program and apply for it, which you can do so without having to deal with anything like credit checks or needing a co-signer like you would have to do with grants, making it a pretty painless process.

Join A Society

Joining a society that offers grants for the study you want to get a degree in can also provide you with money on your seach for grants for women. Like for example if you are looking to become an engineer, there is a program called Society for Women Engineers that you can join which can provide you with the opportunity to get grants from that organization to use to pay for your degree.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) isn’t offered specifically as a college grants for women program, but it is a great resource to use for federal grant money as by filling out a FAFSA, you will be applying for multiple grant programs all at one time, where you can get up to a few thousand dollars a year to use towards paying for your degree. The main eligibility requirement for these federal grants is you financial need which if you are going back to school you are most likely in a situation that is considered financially needy, giving you an excellent chance to recieve some amount of free money.


A few specific grant programs that you can apply to that offer school grants for women include:

  • Business and Professional Womens Association
  • Ford Foundations Predoctoral Fellowship for Minorities
  • Jeanette Rankin Foundation
  • Barry Goldwater Scholarship
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