Grants For Black Women – Many Programs That Offer Funding

March 23, 2012

Grants For Black Women

Before we jump into a few great programs that offer grants for black women, just know that one can also apply for grants for minority women as which can provide you with the funds you need as well. But being a black women you are already ahead of the game as far as getting grants go as being black and being a women are both considered as being disadvantages which eligiblity requirements weight being disadvantage heavily, providing you with an excellent chance to attaining grant money. Below are a few great programas that offer grants for black women that can provide you with a good start in finding the money you need, which there has never been a better time to apply for these grants as more and more programs are now being created.

Grants For Black Women


Programs Offering Grants For Black Women

College Grants For Black Women

The United Negro College Fund (UNFC) is by far the best federal program that provides grants for african american to use for their schooling. You may be familiar with them, which they are the organization who quoted the phrase “The mind is a terrible thing to waste” which is a phrase that has been embraced by most all African American colleges accross the nation. The UNFC provides grant funds to over 3 dozen different African American colleges.

Business Grants For Black Women

The first thing one needs to do when looking to appy for business grants for african american women is to create a solid business plan, which will prove to the orgainzation you are apply to that you are very serious in your pursuit to start your own business. It should also be known that in order to qualify for these types of grants, the business needs to be majority owned by the minority, that being at least 51 percent of the business. The best place to start when searching for grants for black woment is the Small Business Association (SBA) which you will want to get your Sec 8(a) certification which will provide which is a certifation status granted to disadvantaged applicants. After you have gotten your Sec 8(a) certification the next step is to get your DUNNS number which is needed when federal grant funds are dispersed, which will allow you to become eligible for federal grant money for your business.

Black Women In Sisterhood For Action

BISA is another great program that offers grants for black women who live in urban areas to helping with living costs.

Other Porgrams Offering Grants For Black Women

Other great programs that provide grants for black women include:

  • The National Black Nurses Association
  • The Fredrick Douglas Scholars Program
  • Ethel Lee Hover Ellis Scholarship (For some southern states)
  • The American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship Program
  • Professional Womens Club
  • The March of the Dimes Nursing Scholarship
  • The National Assocation For Negro Business
  • The American Institue of Certified Public Accountants
  • The Rebecca Lee Scholarship

It should be known that programs that specifically offer grants for black women tend to come mostly from private organizations, but there are even more grants for minorities programs out there that provide a more widespread variety of grants programs that offer even more money to their eligible applicants.