Health Insurance For Single Mothers – 5 Different Programs

December 18, 2011

Health Insurance For Single Mothers

Health insurance for single mothers is a subject that is constantly searched for and for good reason. Maintaining good health in both their childs as well as theirselves lives is one of the main priorities of a single mother, but it can be financial burden to have to pay out of pocket for insurance bills as well as monthly fees.  There are multiple resources that one can use to get single mothers health insurance, as there are many programs out there that are dedicated to lending a hand when it comes to medical fees. Below is a list of multiple different programs and organizations that may be able to help you immensely.

Health Insurance For Single Mothers

Health Insurance For Single Mothers

Childrens Health Insurance Program

This program is federally funded and provides eligible applicants with insurance in two forms, which the first is Childrens Medicaid and covers a host of different doctors visits and other fees which include; vaccines and prescription drugs, eye exams, check ups, lab tests and x-rays, treatment options for on going conditions and dental fees among others. They also provide the opportunity to have certain costs covered for mothers who are pregnant. The other option that applicants can become eligible for is for those who do not qualify for Medicaid because their income exceeds it’s limits, where they will recieve the same benefits but pay a small montly fee and may have to pay a “co-pay” fee for certain appointments. Each program allows its eligible applicants to be able to choose their primary care doctor of their choice as well as a health plan. This health insurance for single mothers option covers children that are up to 19.

Insurance Through Your Employer

If you are currently employed, the best thing to do would be to ask your employer about “employee-plus-child” also referred to as “employee-plus-one” which it is an employee based health coverage program that is both federal and state funded. Statistics have shown that with this program, the employer pays around 75 percent of the dues, whereas the employee only has to cover around 25 percent.

Prescription Medicines

A local resource that you can use starting right now for prescription medicine is by inquiring about discount clubs that are offered at pharmacies, which huge discounts can come on medication both for adults and children. Also remeber to always ask for the generic form when a doctor writes up a script, as well as ask your doctor about any discounts or programs that can provide low or free health insurance for single mothers.

Participating Patient Assistance Programs is another great organization that actually lends a helping hand when it comes to getting you qualified to receive prescription insurance. They are affiliated with over 475 different private and pulic organizations of which almost 200 of them are offered directly by the likes of pharmaceutical companies.

You can also visit which is a non profit organization dedicated to making the cost of prescription medication cheaper, which everyone can take part in it because they have a downloadable form which will allow you to print out your own memebership card which you can use at over 56,000 locations and can get you up to 75 percent off on your prescription purchases. This health insurance for single mothers resource can be used right after you download it.