Business Grants For Single Mothers – 3 Great Organizations

December 6, 2011

Business Grants For Single Mothers

If you are looking for business grants for single mothers, that means that you have taken the first step in attaining financial independance and freedom as well as freeing yourself up to spend more time with your little ones, instead of being stuck at in office. Not only will you have more time freedom, you will be able to enjoy great write offs that come with owning a business, saving you thousands of dollars a year that you would have paid in taxes if you were employed. If you have an business idea, don’t sit around and wait, utilize the programs below, which can provide you with the funding your are looking for when you started your single mothers business grants search!

Business Grants For Single Mothers

Resources For Grants For Single Mothers

Below are 3 of some of the best options to consider that have provided funding for thousands of individuals like yourself, who had a dream but lacked the funding to make that dream come into fruition, which they can do the same for you by applying for their program as soon as possible.

1. ) The first and by far one of the best resources that you should go through for business grants is the site, which it is a massive federal loan database once you become a member on their site, you can check out about 1000 different grant programs, many of them designated just for small business start ups. You can also use them to find out above other loan programs that are offered for single mothers, like homes, utilities, medical bills and much more.

2. ) Peachic – Peachic is a private offerer of business grants for single mothers, as well as can be used for things like what it will be like being a business owner, tips for starting a business as well as finding balance in your life by utilizing different techniques, and it all writting by authors that are single mothers themselves from personal experience of what is working for them.

3. ) Small Business Administration (SBA) – The SBA can be an excellent organization use when looking for business grants for single moms who need an extra push as far as funding goes to keep their business afloat as well as add to the business but do not have enough funding to do so. It very possible that they can also help you if you still haven’t started your business and need funds to launch it.


Business grants for single mothers are in high demand, but it helps that by starting a business you will be opening up another spot in the workplace, so these grants are a little easier to attain than grants for other purposes. The best thing about getting one of these grants is the fact that, unlike loans, you never have to worry about paying them back, or getting calls asking you to do so. The key to better your chances is to keep applying for business grants for single mothers and convey your vision in the application process.