Home Grants For Single Mothers

December 9, 2011

Home Grants For Single Mothers

Home grants for single mothers can provide moms with resouces needed to pay for some of most of their biggest financial responsibility they have, which is either renting or owning a home. These single mom home grants can provide you with reassurance that you will have enough money to keep your little ones warm and safe, as well as can be used for other reasons, like repairs and evern home improvement. If you are needing some assistantance in for form of home grants for singlem mothers, but don’t know where to begin or who is reputable, let us lend a helping hand, in the form of 5 different organizations you can use.


5 Home Grants For Single Mothers Orgainizations

Before be jump into the home grants for single moms program, if you happen to need assistance right this moment, the best thing to do is to call 311, as this number will direct you to more local assistance which can come in the form of housing as well as food assistance, medicaid, emergency financial assistance and more.

  • State Housing Finance Agency – By contacting your Housing Finance Agency in the state where you live, they can help you out by finding affordable living for those who are low income, but need a safe spot to live.
  • grants.gov – A more long term resource that you can use not only for home grants but also a host of other grants for situations that involve being a single mom is is the site called grants.gov, which is a database full of over 900 differnt federal grant programs offering grants in categories such as; housing grants, business grants, ultility bill grants, food assistance and much more.
  • Public Housing Agency – The PHA also referred to as Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is the largest federal housing assistance program around, and provides it’s eligible applicants with housing vouchers that they can use with landlords who accept them. They can also assist you with resources if you are looking to; buy a home, avoiding forclosure, applying for a grant or if you need assistance from a housing counseler and much more.
  • CoAbode – CoAbode is a unique service, that provide home assitantance for single mothers in the form of finding suitable roomates who are single moms as well. By providing a roomate, you can get assistance from renting a room to a compatible single mother.
  • American Dream Down Payment Initiative (ADDI) – If you are looking to purchase a home, the ADDI is part of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and are funded by $200 million dollars annually, which is all dedicated to help first time buyers with the funds needed for down payments as well as closing costs. Another great resource you can use to to find housing grants for single mothers for buying a home is Habitat For Humanity, as they are funded both federally as well as privately and help build homes for those who need it most.

Who Is Eligible For Home Grants For Single Mothers?

  • US Citizen or national or qualifying alien.
  • Meet the designated annual income requirements.
  • Have a social security number.


What You Will Need To Apply For Home Grants For Single Mothers

When you go to apply for single mom grant programs, it is wise to have the documentation and othe items that you will need to submit or prove at your disposale. The items you may need are:

  • Both yours as well as your childrens social security card.
  • A drivers license.
  • Proof of what your income is as well as your employers contact informatoin if you are employed.


Housing Grants For Single Mothers – 7 Different Organizations

August 18, 2011

Housing Grants For Single Mothers

This article is ways writtent for all who are looking for housing grants for single mothers. It is to show you that it is possible to receive money for free that you never have to pay back that you can use towards your housing bills. The programs below are all accredited programs and have been providing housing grants for single mothers for many years.

Housing Grants For Single Mothers

Housing Grants For Single Mothers – 7 Organizations

  1. CoAbode is a non profit organization that is dedicated to finding single mothers grants for housing and getting them into a neighborhood in which they will feel safe and secure. This progam is also there to help if you happen to need help with rent, providing you with another compatible single mother who can help you pay your dues each month.
  2. The Housing and Community Facilities Program or HFCP is another program that you can find housing grants for single mothers through. This program is there to provide eligible applicants with loans, grants as well as loan gaurantee programs. they are also there to help you with other aspects of your home like repairs, overall cleanliness as well as assisting you if you are ready to purchase a home.
  3. HUD which stands for Housing and Urban Development is a nationally funded government orgranization, the largest around in this cateogory, where you can also find housign grants for single mothers. This program is similiar to HFPC in which it help you with many aspects of your home bills and upkeep. This program can help you find many different types of housing like appartments, homes or townhouses. They can also help you with many other things like avoiding forclosure, finding rental assistance, housing counseling among many others. If you are eligble for this housing grants for single mothers program, you will receive housing vouchers that are accepted by the landlords that they refer you to in your immediate area.
  4. Mercy Housing is another incredible non profit organization that you can use when looking for housing grants for single mothers. This program is also there to provide safe and affordable housing for people who need these ameneties but cannot afford them.
  5. The next option to consider when looking for housing grants for single mothers is an organization called Family Unification Program that can be used by single mothers, seniors as well as children who left foster care before they were 16 who are now ages 18 – 21 who need safe and affordable housing. Like HUD, they provide you with housing vouchers that are just like money that can be used on rent costs.
  6. Catholic Charoties USA is another progam that offers many services like; financial services, emergency services, counseling and food pantries among many more. The great thing about this organization is that you do not have to be Catholic to be eligible, as they do not care what your religious denomination is, they are just there to provide resources to those who need it most.
  7. Although this option isn’t geared specifically towards housing grants for single mothers, it is a great resource for you to use to get information on all different types of grant programs, over 1000 in total, and that is a website called grants.gov. You can use them to check for any grant programs in which may help you with many situations in your life.

Housing Grants For Single Mothers – Conclusion

These are 7 of the greatest ways around to attain housing grants for single mothers, as well as all encompassing help when it comes to being a single mom. A great way to get the funding you need is to apply to as many programs as possible which will give you more chances to receive the help that you need. This list of housing grants for single mothers organizations are all reputable and scam free ways, that have been used by many single mothers in the past to get money that they really needed. Hopefully this information was exactly what you were looking for when starting yoru seach for housing grants for single moms and all the best on your application process.