Grants For Single Mothers To Pay Bills – 7 Different Programs

April 27, 2012

Grants For Single Mothers To Pay Bills

Single mothers have so many bills to worry about paying each month, which can cause stress that may not be necessary as you may be able to qualify for programs that offer grants for single mothers to pay bills. This grant money is cash that you will never have to pay back, and can qualify due to your financial need instead of things like your credit score or level of education. Below are a few programs that can help you with various bills, as well as short and long term solutions that you can use that provide grants for single mothers to pay bills.

Grants For Single Mothers To Pay Bills

Grants For Single Mothers To Pay Bills Related To Utilities

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program can help you immensely with paying bills related to utilities on your home. Single mothers have very good chances at being eligible for this program. Another method that you can get help with utilities bills is simply calling your utility provider and explaining to them your income situation and if they can offer your discounts, which this method has helped many single mothers cut down on utility bills.

Grants For Single Mothers To Pay Bills That Are Medical Related

As far as medical bills go, you can get grants for single mothers to pay bills related to medical expenses through a program called Insure Kids Now where you can get free or low cost insurance for your children. It should be known that this specific program can hold different names in different states but by searching for “Insure Kids Now” and your state in a Google search, your states program will come up for you. You can also talk to your employer and see if they offer any options for medical bill assistance for single mothers as many employers are part of the “Employee Plus Child” program where they cover around 75 percent of your dues.

Housing Grants For Single Mothers To Pay Bills

As far as housing grants for single mothers to help pay bills, one of the most used programs is called Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which is also known as Section 8 and can help qualifying individuals with finding safe housing and little or no cost to them. If you happen to have a home already and are looking to stay there but need assistance, a great program called CoAbode helps single moms find other single moms to become their roomates which will help both parties when it comes to affordable housing.

Grants For Single Mothers To Pay School Bills

Higher education is more often than not one of the main priorities of a single mother, as getting a better job will provide one with job security and more importantly financial security that will allow them to afford what they need to provide for their kids. There is an application call the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which there are grant programs called the Pell Grant and the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant which are both referred to as Obama Grants for Single Mothers, which through the Pell Grant you can get up to $5660 per year to use towards education, and through the FSEOG you can get up to $4000 a year. Now most applicants qualify for some amount of money so this should be your first resource to use for grants for single mothers to pay bills related to your college tuition, but it should be known that you need to fill this out every year that you want to get grant money from the FAFSA.\

Grants For Single Mothers to Pay Bills For School Lunch

There isn’t a program specifically for this, but you can get either free or discounted lunches for your children through their school by simply inquiring through the front office at your childs school. There are certain income requirements that you must meet, which when met your the discount will take affect immediately.

Short Term and Long Term Assistance For Single Mothers

Short term grants for single mothers to pay bills a receive other types of assistance can come from simply dialing 211 which you will be connected with an individual who will let you in on assistance programs throughout the area in which you live in and help you learn about eligibility requirements that you need to fit.

Long term assistance can come from utilizing the federal website called which the website is hme to close to 1000 different grant programs, all of which cater to different areas of ones life that can really help you in many different ways. In order to get grants for single mothers to pay bills through this resource, you must become a member of the site, which can be done on their home page.

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