Assistance For Single Mothers – 8 Financial Assistance Programs

(Before we get into the financial assistance for single mothers programs, it would be great for you to know that by simply calling 211, you will receive information on all the assistance resources in your area, which involve; housing, care for your children, local food banks, help with utilities and more.)

Dear ALL Single Moms,

There are plenty of programs out there, both federal as well as private that offer financial assistance for single mothers in many different forms, like schooling and housing as well as utility bills and more. Below are 7 different programs that have offered ample amounts of assistance for single mothers programs that you can utilize to receive some well deserve money to make your single mom journey less stressful. Although all of these programs aren’t created just for single moms, they cater to those in need of assistance.

7 Financial Assistance For Single Mothers Programs


  • The best thing you can do when on your search for assistance for single mothers is to contact the Department of Human Services for your individual state, which is the provider of various areas of assistance, some of which include; food, child care and support, medical services, assistance in providing cash as well as emergency services among others.


  • If yours are seeking schooling assistance for single mothers, the best thing to do ASAP would be to fill out a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is an application that determines your qualification for various different school grant programs, like the Pell Grant, as well as loans and even work study programs.
  • The Sunshine Lady Foundation – This program is offered by Doris Buffet, who when she started it was a single mother herself. Their mission is to provide funding for the “advancement of education, new well-being, and life choices” with a special dedication to helping families who are poor are in a crisis.


  • IF you happen to need financial aid for health insurance for your kids, there is a federally funded program called Insure Kids Now! This resource is offered by the Department of Health and Human Services and offer either free or low-cost medical insurance to those who qualify as a way to assist in making your monthly expenses lower.


Housing assistance for single mothers can be found in multiple places, but the best programs out there are currently:

  • HUD – Housing and Urban Development is a national federally funded program that offers assistance in various forms to those in need including; avoiding foreclosure, rental assistance, housing counselors, applying for grants as well as purchasing a home.
  • CoAbode – CoAbode is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance for single mothers in the form of providing a compatible single mother roommate in order to help out with the housing bills.
  • Transitional Housing Grant Program – This assistance for single mothers program is dedicated to providing housing assistance in the form of grants. This organization is dedicated to helping single mothers who have experienced domestic violence as a way to get them back on their feet.


  • If you are in need of a new car, you can find assistance for single mothers in the form of a donated car through Habitat For Humanity, who donates many cars every year to needy families.
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