Single Mother Help – 13 Different Organizations

Single mother help can be found through various programs and organizations, some legitimate, some not, for this reason, we have gathered together a list of 7 different accredited  organizations that you can utilize to get the help you need, whether it be financial or just relating to other single moms. We have information on housing help, medical bills assistance, free cars, school grants and way more. Below are the list as well as an in-depth description of each program so that you know all that you can get out of them.

Single Mother Help Organizations


Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

  • HUD is a national government funded program that can provide helping for single mothers when it comes to various things like; help paying rent, finding safe and affordable homes, grants for fixing things in your home, finding jobs for people who are unemployed and more. To learn more about them, you can visit which is their main website.

Transitional Housing Grant Program

  • The Transitional Housing Grant Program offers single mother help in the form or grants for women who have gone through or are going through domestic violence, stalking, dysfunctional relationships among similar issues. They are more of a temporary assistance resource that can help with relocating to a different house, bills that include rent and utilities, security deposits and more. You can visit them at for more information.


  • Temporary Need For Needy Families (TANF) is another great resource for housing single mother help. You can learn more at which is a site dedicated to educating you about them.


There are many great organizations that offer educational grants and assistance for single mothers who are trying to better their earning potential through higher education. The best thing to do for educational grants is to fill out a FAFSA which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid which determines how much money you are eligible for through government grants like the Pell Grant and other as well as see which one of the many educational grants and loans programs you may be eligible for. You can visit at where you will be able to fill out an FAFSA.

Other Schooling Single Mother Help Programs:

  • The Sunshine Lady Foundation  – which can be visited at which is their main website.
  • The Women’s Opportunity Awards – This a program designated for granting money to mothers who are the major earner of the family and can be visited at


Insure Kids Now

If you are having trouble getting medical insurance, the program called Insure Kids Now. They offer medical help in the form or Medicaid for children as well as, at times, for their parents as well.

  • NeedyMeds is a non-profit program that offers assistance for those who cannot afford medicine and other costs related to healthcare.
  • Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief (CPR) also offers medical single mother help, offering assistance with co-pays as well as help paying for pharmaceuticals for those that are uninsured.


Habitat For Humanity

Habitat For Humanity is a great resource for single mother help in the form of free cars. There are many people who donate their cars each year to them and are made available for people who need them most. You can visit them at


Single Mothers By Choice

  • Single Mothers By Choice is a program that has group meetings all over the US, Canada, Europe and other countries, where single mothers meet up and share information as well as any resources that have helped them or provided value to them.  They offer various different single mother help methods for; potential moms thinking about having children, expecting mothers as well as moms who have children. They were founded in 1981 by women named Jane Mates who choose to be a single mother instead of stay in a dysfunctional relationship. You can learn more about them as well as find a chapter that is close to you by visiting

Another site that can help you immensely is They provide single mom help in the form of business grants as well as self-development for women and more.

This is a government run site that allows anyone to become a registered user of the site, where registered users gain access to over 900 different grant programs. Note, this site doesn’t supply money but has been the middle man to referring people to grant programs, over 5 billion dollars per year.

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