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Grants For Women To Start A Business

More and more women are starting businesses, whether they be from their home or an actual location, women across the globe are using their entrepreneurial mindset to free themselves from the restraints that a job imposes on them. Being a woman is categorized as being at a disadvantage so you are already out to a head start when looking for grants for women to start a business as disadvantaged applicants are given priority when it comes to eligibility. You can be as young as 18 which the only other main requirement is that you be a tax paying US citizen or permanent non-resident, which you can qualify for anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to up to $5000 or more and use the money to finance most all aspects of your startup, which can range from things like buying new equipment, hiring workers, renting and office and more.

Getting Business Startup Grants For Women

The great things about these grants are that there are no credit score requirements, which means that you can still become eligible regardless of your credit score is. There are a wide variety of programs out there offering grants for women to start a business, both federal and private, that are looking to empower women of all ages to start their own sustainable business with the hope that they both succeed as well as will free up a job position for those who are unemployed, which this reason is one of the main reasons that start-up grant programs are becoming more prevalent.

Small Business Association (SBA)

One of the first places to look for grants for women to start a business is the Small Business Association as they specialize in helping people get the funding needed to launch their business. You can meet with a local SBA counselor who can guide you in the right direction as well as visit the SB website for more valuable information.

This federal website is another excellent resource to consider when looking for grants for women to start a business as well as other grants you need that apply to your life, as there are over 900 different grant programs that you can apply for once you become a member of this site.

This is another great website that you can use that can help you locate both federal as well as private programs offering business grants for women.


There is also a program called Peachic that offers grants for single mothers to start a business, which if you are single mother this is a great organization to apply to which you can potentially get money for your startup as well as use their website daily which the website is always putting out helpful information about starting and handling your business as well as great techniques and tactics that will help you find peace as well as joy and overall balance in your life, which a lot of these posts are by other single mothers.

When searching for grants for women to start a business, don’t forget that you can look for other related grant programs for women like; business grants for black women, business grants for minority women, business grants for women with children and more, whatever situation applies to you, look for business grants for that. Also, remember that when applying to programs offering grants for women to start a business, they aren’t going to give money to just anyone, the want to see dedication and commitment, which you can demonstrate by forming a very good business plan that you can present to them.