Programs That Offer Legal Assistance For Single Mothers

Legal assistance fees most often than not cannot fit into a mother’s budget, but there is free and low-cost legal assistant for single mothers resources out there that you can use to get the legal help and advice that you need. There is a host of different providers, both federal as well as nonprofit that caters to those in need, providing them with services that will help them understand the legal system and your rights. Below is a host of different options that you can utilize that can provide you with help in your pursuit for single mother legal assistance.

Legal Assistance For Single Mothers Programs

Legal Services Corporation (LSC)

Legal Services Corporation is a great resource that offers legal assistance for single mothers all over the US as they are officially the biggest provider of legal services to lower level income individuals living in America. This organization is 100% nonprofit and operate out of over 900 different offices spread across the nation. Their main focus is actually lending a helping hand to women as 3 of every 4 clients are women. Their provide a myriad of different legal services to those who meet certain eligibility requirements which involve the potential client earning a maximum family of 4 annual income of $27,938 or in other words the client must be earning less than 125% of the “federal poverty level threshold”.

Department of Children’s Services

Children’s rights violations, as well as child abuse, is what each state’s Department of Children’s services deals with, in which they will provide both assistance when you go to court, and most importantly getting your child out of the bad situation. It should be known the services that the DCS provides only go to the extent of dealing with the welfare of children, in which the service is provided for free.


It should also be known that legal grants for single mothers can also offer through churches, which if you are a member of a church congregation, the best thing to do would be to talk to the staff. This can also be the case with women’s shelters who can direct you to a resource that can help you learn more about the legal system, answer your questions as well as move forward with your particular situation. is a website that serves as a database that connects its users with over 900 different federal grant programs, in which some of them are legal service grant programs, which in order to apply for these single mothers legal help programs, you must become to a registered user of the site. After you have registered, you will be granted access to all the grant programs, in which you can utilize this site not only for legal assistance but for assistance with; housing, schooling, insurance, utility bills and much more.

All Encompassing Legal Assitance For Single Mothers Help

Hopefully, the programs legal help for single mothers programs above will give you a solid start in finding the legal assistance you need. While you are waiting on meetings with these organizations, you can also visit certain websites that can help you get legal help, which a couple great sites include as well as

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