Scholarships For Single Mothers – 6 Programs That Offer Scholarships

For all the moms out there looking to go back to college, scholarships for single mothers are out there for the taking that will make your tuition costs be either free or a lot less than you would have had to pay. Since you are looking for some financial aid for college, this article will provide you with 5 different scholarships for single mothers methods that you can use that have provided money for many single moms out there. These ways will also allow you to apply for reputable programs and steer clear of all the dirty scams out there.

Scholarships For Single Mothers

Here are your 6 different ways to use when going about your search for scholarships for single mothers. These scholarships or grants programs will never ask you to pay them back, which is great for the situation you are in.

  1. The first way which has been providing scholarships for single mothers in by using your local community college front office. You can make an appointment with a financial advisor that will have all the information you need on scholarships for your particular situation. More times than not, they will put you in touch with a funding program that will make your tuition costs lower.
  2. Academic Competitive Grant (ACG) is another excellent program that has been providing scholarships for single mothers for many years. It provides you with the opportunity to get up to 700 dollars towards your first year of study as well as 1300 for your second year. It should be noted that this grant program can also be combined with the following program called the Pell Grant.
  3. The next method which provides scholarships for single mothers is a grant program called the Pell Grant. There are over 5.4 million people currently receiving money from the Pell Grant program. With these kinds of numbers, this method for scholarships for single mothers is one that puts you at great odds to get money for your education.
  4. Scholarships for single mothers can also be found through a program called American Association of University Women or AAUW. This program offers you the chance to apply for scholarships no matter where you are in the nation and is dedicated to providing education to women as well as standing for equity for girls and women.
  5. Business and Professional Women’s Foundation is another excellent program to go through for scholarships for single mothers. This program itself doesn’t supply your with financial means but maintains a drawn out list of programs who are doing so.
  6. Although this next method isn’t used just for scholarships for single mothers, it is worthy to be mentioned because it provides grants in all categories of a single mother’s life. This program can be found at where they give out over 5 billion dollars in grants annually. This program, like the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, doesn’t give your scholarships directly but provides you with a list of over 1000 different grant programs that you can apply for.

Scholarships For Single Mothers – Conclusion

These 6 methods are some of the most accredited ways that are offering scholarships for single mothers. By utilizing one or more of these methods, they can take a lot of stress on your back when it comes to tuition fees, as stress is the last thing you need when entering college. These scholarships for single mothers programs also have pretty high acceptance rates so they provide you with a good chance to receive much needed as well as much deserved financial help for your schooling.

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