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Education Grants For Single Mothers – Funding For Your Schooling

March 10, 2012

Education Grants For Single Mothers

Education grants for single mothers offer money for single moms to go back to school and not be burdened with having to pay back the money. These school grants for single mothers offer you money that you can use towards anything relatedt to your schooling and offer you the chance to attain the money you need to be able to afford schooling and get a degree which in turn will enable you to support you family and provide for your little ones. Below are a host of different programs that offer education grants for single mothers as well as details on each program.

Grat Programs That Offer Education Grants For Single Mothers

The Sunshine Lady Foundation, Inc

This program offers education grants for single moms in two different categories, which consist of:

  • Learning By Giving – This school grants for single mothers program aims to promote the act of philanthropy and is mainly for undergraduate students. The program awards $10,000 to eligible applicants, which the money can be used to study a myriad of philantrophy courses throughout the nation.
  • Womens Independence Scholarship Program – This education grants for single mothers program was established with the end goal in mind of putting an end to domestic violence and lends a helping hand to single mothers and women who have unfortunately experienced or are experiencing a violent relationship. This single mothers grant program offers scholarhips and grants to all different types of students and aspiring students, but especially attendees of; community colleges, vocational and technical schools and state supported schools. For single moms and women attending private universities, the opportunity still poses itself to qualify for scholarships so don’t rule yourself out. Education grants for single mothers through the Womens Independence Scholarship Program are given to both part-time and full-time students.

Pell Grant

The Pell Grant doesn’t offer education grats for single mothers specifically but single mothers can greatly benefit from it as it provides eligible applicants up to $5660 per year to use towards their schooling as well as related expenses. The way to find out how much you qualify for is by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which can be done as soon as January 1st of the year you are looking to get federal financial aid, and needs to be filled out every year that you need financial aid. The best thing about this education grants for single mothers option is that the amount you are eligible for is based off your financial need, so they weigh the single mother status heavily when reviewing applications.

The FAFSA should be one of your first resources that you want to utilize, not only for the Pell Grant but because it also qualifies you for different loan programs, which provide low interest rates and better repayment terms, unlike private loans. So if you do end up having to utilize student loans, you can do so through federal loan programs which offer a much better experience and are also needs based, which your credit score has nothing to do with eligibility.

Career Based

There are also career based education grants for single mothers that you can apply for as well, which depending on your profession, these grants can include less than $1000 to up to your entire education paid for, especially ones that pay for your education in turn for you working a designated amount of years in an area that needs your sevice most. This can also be the case for loan forgivess so keep this in mind, like for example the Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (NELRP) who offers those who graduated from nursing school the chance to have 85 percent of their loans paid off if they work in a facility that is experiencing a nursing shortage for 3 years.

Tips To Follow When Applying For Educations Grants For Single Mothers

There are a few things you should keep in mind when setting out to apply for education grants for single mothers which the main thing is that there are all types of programs, which all have different eligibility requirements, which you may or may not meet. Considering this fact, the best thing to do is apply to as many as possible, filling out the application in it’s entirety, which they can be super long and if you make a mistake it will only set you back in getting college grants for single mothers.

The other method you can utilize is simply making an appointment with a guidance counseler at your school or the one you wish to attend and inquring about programs for single mothers that help with paying your tuition. This process can seem both time consuming and stressful, and can be at times but the time put forth can pay off big as you can get some or even your entire education paid for through these education grant for single mothers programs.



Scholarship For Single Mothers – 5 Different Programs

August 20, 2011

Scholarship For Single Mothers Information

There are many programs that are there to provide a scholarship for single mothers to go back to college and get her degree. Since money is tight being a single mom, going back to school is a great way to get a better paying job and take away a lot of the financial stress. If you are looking for great programs that offer a scholarship for single mothers, you are in the perfect place as below will be 5 different programs that give scholarships to single mothers. Read on and find out more information on getting money that you deserve so you can graduate and get into a great career.

Scholarships For Single Mothers – 5 Different Programs

1. To all you single mothers out there who may be looking to advance in the job you are already at, a great way that has gotten many moms scholarships is by asking your employer if they would help you with college fees so that you can become a stronger and more knowlege asset to their workforce. Often times, your employer would much rather get you trained than have to hire someone else, because first of all, they already know you and have a relationship with you, and second, it is expensive to higher new workers.

2. Another great programs when looking for a scholarship for single mothers is an organization called The Fleming Associates Young Parent Program. They are dedicated to providing young mothers funding, who are highly motivated to go back to school, but do not have enough money to do so. WIth this program, you may choose whatever subject you want to study, and based on your eligiblility, will be provide you with money to use towards you tuition.

3.  You can also apply for the Pell Grant when looking for a scholarship for single mothers program. The Pell Grant is the largest federal scholarship program around providing money to over 5 million people in the United States. This program can enable you to get anywhere from 100 to 5550 dollars, each year that you are attending college, that you can use to pay tuition as well as us on any thing else that is school related.

4.  Raise The Nation is another program that helps single moms get scholarship money for schooling. Raise The Nation program is there for the same reason as many of the others out there and that is to provide financial assistance to those who need it most, and being a single mom, you for sure need it most and your situation will definitely be taken into account.

5.  The last scholarship for single mothers methods is to go to contact the community college or whichever college you want to enroll at and ask them what there is to offer as far as scholarships for single mothers go. Colleges are have a lot of up to date information on scholarship programs as well as often times providing you help directly.

The first thing to do which should be done ASAP before applying to any of these programs is to fill out a FAFSA which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This will determine your eligibility and is what you will have to fill out in order to apply to most scholarship for single mothers programs.

Scholarship For Single Mothers – Conclusion

Applying to these scholarship for single mothers orginizations will help you get funding you need so that you can earn a degree which will set you up to not only earn more, but give you the freedom to choose where you want to work. We wish you great luck on your application process, and apply all these methods and more so that your chances of getting funding are as high as possible.

Single Mother Scholarships – 6 Great Methods

August 18, 2011

SIngle Mother Scholarships

You have came to this page for one reason, to get single mother scholarships information, and that is exaclty what you will get! Below will be 6 different ways for single mother to use when looking for scholarships, so that you can get the fuding you need to further your schooling and get a great job.

Single Mother Scholarships - 6 Great Methods

  1. The first program that is a great on for applying for single mother scholarships is a program called the Pell Grant. This grant program is currently supplying over 5 million individuals like yourself with college tuition funding. If you are eligible for this program then you will be able to recieve up to 5550 dollars to use for your schooling each year. What you will receive in tuition costs will be factored by how much you need in terms of what you are making as far as your annual income goes. You can also use this funding for school books, materials as well as transportation.
  2. The Sunshine Lady Foundation is another great program to use when looking for single mother scholarships. This method has been used towards many mothers who are highly motivated to attain their goal of getting a degree but don’t have the financial resources to do so. This program was founded by Doris Buffet in 1996 who was also a single mother at the time. This single mother scholarships organization is founded by both Warren Buffet and their father before he passed and has granted over 100 million dollars to single mothers and low income families who need money for education.
  3. There is a program called the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity that offers eligible applicants scholarships that range from 100 to 4000 dollars.
  4. Another great program to look for single mother scholarships through as well as many other grants pertaining to being a single mother is a website called This site provides registered users with infromation on over 1000 different grant programs out there that can be applied to.
  5. International of the Americas which can be found at is an excellent program to use that is dedicated to providign single mother scholarships, and there to help all those moms out there who are the sole provider to their families.
  6. Another great way to get single mother scholarships is by talking to your employer if you are currenlty employed. By telling your employer that you wish to further your education to be a better asset when it comes to your job, can often times get you free education as employers would rather train someone within the company instead of having to higher someone else, because hiring a new person is more expensive.

These are excellent ways to get single mother scholarships and grants. When looking you can also use you local community college as a resource well to get funding information. By making an appointment with a counseler, they will educate you on many of the opportunities out there that are offering single mother scholarships.

Single Mother Scholarships – Conlusion

These are 6 great ways to get single mother scholarships in which you can apply for immediately. When applying for others, do your best to apply for federal programs, non profit organizations as well as charitable programs as these will be legitimate ways to obtain money for shcool and avoid the many scams that are out there. Hopefull this article was what you were looking for when you started your single mother scholarships search and all the best on your application process.

Single Mom Scholarships – 4 Scholarship Programs

August 16, 2011

Single Mom Scholarships

Single mom scholarships can be found in many different scholarship programs, you just need to know where to look. IF you are looking to further your schooling and are looking for single mom scholarships information, the below will details 3 different programs that offer mothers living in the US the opportunity to receive grants. These programs will be the most reputable and accredited options out there so you won’t become a victim of one of the many scams out there.

Single Mom Scholarships – Scholarship Programs

First off, when looking for single mom scholarships, an excellent local option is to call or go to your local community college and inquire about what there is to offer in the form of grants or scholarships for people in your situation. This method has yeilded billions in scholarships. Here are four excellent ways to get single mom scholarships so that you can further your education for either free or a lot less than what you originally would have paid without financial aide:

  1. One of the most widely used program around the United States is the Pell Grant. This single mom scholarship program is currently providing financial aide to over 5.4 million students. If you are eligible for this program, you will receive, depending on your life situation, up to 5,273 dollars per year towards schooling tuition. WHat you will receive in the form of financial aide will be determined by the Pell Grant formula which is Financial Need = Cost of Attendance (CoA) – Expected Family Contribution (EFC).
  2. PEO also known as Philanthropic Educational Organization is another geat option to consider when doing your search for single mom scholarships. This program was founded with the goal in mind to and that is to celebrate the advancment of women by giving out scholarships, awards, loans grants and more to many women each year. Considdering that this foundation has been around over 140 years, they sure know their stuff when it comes to helping you on your way to higher education.
  3. If you are looking for funding for your third and fourth year, the National SMART Grant program is another option when looking for single mom scholarships. This program offers up to 4000 dollars to its eligible applicants.
  4. Another program for single mom scholarships that you can find various programs that are offering sholarships to moms going back to school is the website called For future information, this site is not restricted to financial education, as it provides over a 1000 different programs out there for financial aide that awards billion annually. By beomcing a registered user which can be done on their main page, you will be granted access to all the different programs out there that are offering federal grants.

Single Mom Scholarships – Conclusion

These 4 single mom scholarships programs are some of the best ways around to attain the money you need in order to acheive higher education. These methods have resulted in millions of single moms getting a chance that they would have had to go back to school and do it without having to break the bank. By utilizing one or more of these methods, which there is a possiblility to get multiple single mom scholarships, you will be on your way to completing higher education and into a great career.

Great luck on your seach from single mom scholarships and all the best in the career path that you choose!

Scholarships For Single Mothers – 6 Programs That Offer Scholarships

August 16, 2011

Scholarships For Single Mothers

For all the moms out there looking to go back to college, scholarships for single mothers are out there for the taking that will make your tuition costs be either free or a lot less than you would have had to pay. Since you are looking for some financial aide for college, this article will provide you with 5 different scholarships for single mothers methods that you can use that have provided money for many single moms out there. These ways will also allow you to apply for reputable programs and steer clear of all the dirty scams out there.

Scholarships For Single Mothers

Here are your 6 different ways to use when going about your search for scholarships for single mothers. These scholarships or grants programs will never ask you to pay them back, which is great for the situation you are in.

  1. The first way which has been providing scholarships for single mothers in by using your local community college front office. You can make an appointment with a financial advisor that will have all the information you need on scholarships for your particular situation. More times than not, they will put you in touch with a funding program that will make your tuition costs lower.
  2. Academic Competitive Grant (ACG) is another excellent program that has been providing scholarships for single mothers for many years. It provides you with the opportunity to get up to 700 dollars towards your first year of study as well as 1300 for your second year. It should be noted that this grant program can also be combined with the following program called the Pell Grant.
  3. The next method which provides scholarships for single mothers is a grant progam called the Pell Grant. There are over 5.4 million people currently receiving money from the Pell Grant program. With these kinds of numbers this method for scholarships for single mothers is one that puts you at great odds to get money for your education.
  4. Scholarships for single mothers can also be found through a program called American Association of University Women or AAUW. This progam offers you the chance to apply for scholarships no matter where you are in the nation and is dedicated to provide education to women as well as standing for equity for girls and women.
  5. Business and Professional Womens Foundation is another excellent program to go through for scholarships for single mothers. This program itself doesn’t supply your with financial means, but maintains a drawn out list of programs who are doing so.
  6. Although this next method isn’t used just for scholarships for single mothers, it is worthy to be mentioned because it provides grants in all categories of a single mothers life. This program can be found at where they give out over 5 billion dollars in grants annually. This program, like the Business and Professional Womens Foundation doesn’t give your scholarships directly but provides you with a list of over 1000 different grant programs that you can apply for.

Scholarships For Single Mothers – Conclusion

These 6 methods are some of the most accredited ways that are offering scholarships for single mothers. By utilizing one or more of these methods, they can take a lot of stress of your back when it comes to tuition fees, as stress is the last thing you need when entering college. These scholarships for single mothers programs also have pretty high acceptance rates so they provide you with a good chance to receive much needed as well as much deserved financial help for your shcooling.