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Single Moms Grants – 10 Programs To Use

October 15, 2011

Single Moms Grants

Before we get into these great single moms grants programs, if you need help right now, you can call 211 which is a hotline that will assist you in finding the help you need through local organizations.

Being that you are looking for single moms grants, you need help like yesterday, and that is what we are here to do! We have compiled a list of many different grants for single moms programs and grant programs in general that provide assistance in multiple areas of a single moms life. Whether you need help with medical bills, Read on for more information!

Single Moms Grants Programs

Housing Single Moms Grants – Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Housing and Urban Development is a national housing program funded by the government. They grant billions a year in housing assistance and are another great resource to consider when searching for single moms grants. They specialize in providing housing help that consists of; helping pay for rent, finding homes in safe neighborhoods for those needing housing, home improvement as well as helping the unemployed find jobs. You can visit their site for more information as well as apply at:

Other organizations that can help you find good housing:

  • Contact your states Housing Finance Agency.
  • Vist which is the main site for Habitat For Humanity who is a non-profit organization with the belief and vision that all families should have a “decent, safe and affordable place to live”.
  • Visit who is a non profit organization as well and help find compatible roomates for single moms, who are also single mothers, which will help in paying your rent.

The YMCA as well as local homeless shelters can assist you in finding something fast, while giving you time to apply for these programs.

Medical Bills – Insure Kids Now

If you are looking for medical bills assistance on your single moms grants pursit, Insure Kids Now, who are affiliated with Childrens Health Insurance Program (CHIP), can help get rid of these pesky things and provide either free or affordable health insurance for your kids and with the possibility for their parents as well. You can visit them at as well as apply there through their link on the home page.

Schooling Single Moms Grants – The Pell Grant

The Pell Grant is also a national program that is funded by the governement and has granted hundreds of thousands of single moms grants. They offer eligible applicants up to 5,550 dollars per school year that you can use for; tuition, transportation, supplies, a computer and more. You can find out more about them at as well as fill out what is called a FAFSA standing for Free Application for Federal Student Aid which determines if you qualify as well as how much money you qualify for.

Another site that can assist you in your pursuit for schooling assistance as well as various types fo single moms grants is By becoming a member of this site, which can be done through their home page, you will get access to over 900 different grant programs, all of which you can apply for the get the help you deserve

Utility Bills Grants – Low Income Energy Assistance Program

If you are needing help paying for utility bills, the Low Income Energy Assistance Program can assist in helping your with heating and cooling costs though their “mandatory block grants”. You can find out more information at as well as apply for grants.

Business Grants –

This site is a great resource for both appying for single moms grants for start up  buzinesses, as well as self improvement. Besides from being able to apply for grants, they have weekly posts by women describing things like; easing anxiety through mediation and other techniques, self expression, how to find balance in your life and much more. Again they can be visited at

Single Mothers Grants – 5 Great Organizations To Use

August 21, 2011

Single Mother Grants

Single mother grants are your saving grace, and there are so many incredible grants programs out there that you can use which will enable you to relax as well as not have to pay these back, ever. If you are looking for legitimate programs that give single mother grants, your search stops here as you will be provided with 5 different methods grant programs that have helped many mothers who are in the exact same situation you are.

Single Mother Grants - 5 Different Programs

Below will be programs that you can apply to that include schooling, housing, getting a car

  1. The first single mother grants program that has an incredible vistion when it comes to helping single moms is one named TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. This program is one that you can use for mutliple things, some of which include housing, food, furniture, clothing, transportation, household equiptment, laundry among others.  The money you receive each month will depend on two factors, and that is how big your family is, as well as your annual income level. As you can tell, this single mother grants method can benefit you in many aspects of your single mother life
  2. If you are in dire need of a car, an excellent program that gives single mother grants in the form of a car is called Charity Cars Inc. They goal is to provide a more self efficient lifestyle to those who believe that not having transportation is holding you back. They operate on an as needed basis as many other grant programs do, which means people who are in the most needy place will get a car before someone with a less critical situation.
  3. Housing and Urban Development is a nationally funded federal program that offers many low income families grants that they can use to find affordabe as well as safe and sanitary housing. They can also be used for other aspects of home life like repairs as well as loans to purchase a home. Another resource you can use when search for single mother grants for home help is a webiste called
  4. If you need help with food costs, single mother grants for food can be found through a program called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This program alone provides food to over 40 million people each month, providing food stamps that can be used to purhcase healthy food for your entire family.
  5. The Pell Grant program is one of the best around for getting schooling grants for single mothers. They are currently providing money to over 5 million students in the form of billions of dollars per year. Being that this is an as needed program as well, being a single mother provides great incentive for them to give you the money you need to go back to school.

These resources above are more on a national scale catering to everybody who needs them, but if you are looking for more local resources when it comes to single mother grants, you can use these:

  • Local non profit organizations.
  • Counselers at community colleges to get information on financial aid.
  • Churches and religious groups.
  • Contacting your utility provider and explaining your situation, often times they will help you out on lowering your bill.

These three local methods, although not spefically in the single mother grants category, have provided help to many people in need and can be used by you as well.

Single Mother Grants – Conclusion

There are two things to remember when applying for these single mother grants programs. one being that you should apply to as many as possible, and two, remeber to be as patient as you can as there are many people struggling as well. We wish you all the luck in the world on your applications process, and hope you become eligible for many programs, as well as hope that this single mother grants information was exactly what you needed in order to get your life back on track.

Money For Single Mothers – 9 Ways to Get Free Money

August 21, 2011

Money For Single Mothers

I don’t have to tell you twice that money more often than not runs a bit scarce is a single moms life, but there are ways to remedy this scarcity, and that is money for single mothers. Money for single mother can be found through many grant sources that are dedicated to helping you out due to the predicament you are in of doing everything on your own. Allow the methods below to be your guide to getting the money you deserve.

Money For Single Mothers – 9 Grant Programs

Being a single mom involves many things that cost money, because of this fact alone, below will be 5 money for single mothers programs, that are in 5 different areas of a single moms life, schooling, housing, child care, medical bills and food. And just because you deserve it, there will also be other resources which you can use in your daily life starting today.


  • This grant money for single mothers grant program is talked about many times on this site because it offers billions of dollars in grants per year and is the biggest federal schooling program around, and that is the Pell Grant. The Pell Grant was first established in 1962 for what they called need based applicants, which means people who need the most, get the most money for college. This program currently offers its eligible applicants anywhere from 100 to up to 5550 dollars in tuition funds each year that you are enrolled. This program is mainly used for undergraduate studies, and the funding can be used for tuition, books, materials as well as transportation.


  • HUD or Housing and Urban Developmentis an excellent resources when it comes to getting money for single mothers. This program will help you afford safe housing buy supplying you with housing voucers that can either be used through many different renters, or you can check with your current landlord to see if you can use them where you live now.
  •  You can also use CoAbode which is a wonderful ogranization providing single moms with a compatible single mom roomate which can help assist you with paying the bills, whether you are moving into a new home, or kept the home after the divorce. It is hard to feel alone with their motto being “The greatest relief may be that your not doing this alone”. This right here shows that they have strong desire to help you as much as possible.


  • A great program out there to use for food money for single mothers is one called Angel Food Ministries. They are a non profit organization currently provideing hunders upon hundreds of thousands of single mom families with food financial support. They are currently in 45 different states accross the country and aim to provide eligible candidates with healthy food support.
  • If this program is not in your state, or you are looking for something different, is the Food Stamp program. You can use food stamps in exchange for foods you need for both you and your children.


  • The DHHS or Department of Health and Human Services is an excellent program that provides money for single mothers to use towards safe and secure childcare, giving you the peace of mind that your loved ones are safe as well as giving you the time freedom to do schooling while they are at childcare.


  • You can find help with medical bills for your children through a program called Childrens Health Insurance Programs (CHIP). Their goal of operation is to provide every child medical insurance who can’t afford it. This program can cover bills like medical, dental, vsision and perscription.

You can also use these sites in your money for single mothers search:

  • – Supplies registered users with over 1000 different grant programs that you can apply to directly.
  • – Gives you access to multiple different housing grant programs in your area, all you have to do is enter your state and zip code.

Money For Single Mothers – Conclusion

These are 9 of some of the best ways to get money for single mothers in the form of grants. This is money you will never have to pay back again, whatsover. These cooporations know how hard it can be being a single mothers, and are there to lend a hand to those in need. Use these money for single mothers programs as they are reputable and will help you in more ways than one.


Single Mothers Grants – 7 Great Grant Programs

August 19, 2011

Single Mothers Grants

If you are looking for information on single mothers grants than you are in the right place! This article will bring to you some of the best resources you can use when setting out to get the money your need as well as deserve. Once you are done with this article you will have 7 resources you can use today in which you can use to get grants aka free money ASAP!

Single Mothers Grants – 7 Different Programs


Before we get into 3 different methods that you can use to get grants, a local resource that you can use is a nearby community college where the counselers in the front office can educate you on funding they have when it comes to single mothers grants, as well as if they know about any other programs that you can apply to for help on tuition fees. Also, there is an opportunity to get grants from employers if you are currently working, in the event that you want to get more knowledge in the feild where you have a job, as employers like this.

  1. The first great state grants program in which you can find single mothers grants is called Soroptimist International of the Americas which can be found at and is a program geared towards helping single mothers who are are the sole financial provider to the family.
  2. Another great program that you can use is one that is called the Pell Grant. Eligble applicants are entitled to receiving up to 5550 dollars per year to use towards schooling costs, and has helped many single mothers as they cater to those who are in the toughest financial situation.
  3. If you happen to be reading this at the age of 34 or older, a great organization for this age group of single mothers is called Jeanette Rankin Foundation which can be visited at where you will find the most updated details on the program. They are also there for the mothers out there who are doing it all by themselves providing a way to go back to school being that they are unable to pay for it.


  1. The USDA grant program is a great one for single mothers grants in the housing category. They can help you with many things like help with paying rent bills, home repairs as well as getting you a low interest payment plan if you choose to take out a loan to buy a home.
  2. Another great program that can help you with single mothers grants when looking for housing help is HUD or Housing and Urban Development. This program can help you just like USDA, and is one of if not the largest funded federal housing program in the US.


Before we get into single mothers grants that help you get food for cheap or free, a quick method in which you can get free or discounted food for both yourself and your children is by inquiring through both your school and your work to check if your income is low enough to get discounts on lunch, which if you are single mom, you should be able to get it no problem

  1. WIC is a great program that offered nationally and is one of the greatest methods around for helping single moms out with grocery costs. This single mothers grants program is more for pregnant women and children up to 5 years of age. They have what are called food vouchers in which they provide to you where you can redeem them for fruits vegtables and some meats.
  2. Another program that can be more widely used for all ages of children is by applying for Food Stamps. This program has enabled many people to avoid going hungry by giving them food stamps which they can use to buy the foods they need.

Single Mothers Grants – Conclusion

By now we hope you are much more familiar with what is out there as far as single mothers grants go, and hopefully this information was exactly what you were looking for before you came to this page. And please do not feel bad about using these programs because everyone needs help sometimes. Great luck on your seach forn single mothers grants, and be sure to use as many of them as possible to better your chances of acceptance.



Single Mother Grants – 9 Grant Programs

August 18, 2011

Single Mother Grants

If you are looking for single mother grants, we have you covered, rest assured! Provided for you in this article will be information on 9 different grant programs that you can use when looking for single mother grants. These programs are some of the most tried and true methods to get grants in multiple areas of your life and best of all, they are grants, which means you will never have to pay them back, EVER! Below will be information on grants in 4 different cateogories that you can use.

Single Mother Grants - 9 Grant Programs

Before we get into the actual programs that offer single mother grants, there are a couple other ways that are kind of “underground” methods that you should know about. First off, you can often times get free training or schooling through an employer if you want to furhter your education in the job you are in right now, this will show your employer that you want to be a more vaulable asset on the job and often times has resulted in free schooling. Also, a good way to get free of highly discounted food for lunch for both you and your kids is to inquire through both your work and their school to see if your income is low enough to receive free or discounted food.

Here are are 8 Programs that can help you with what you need:


  1. Temporary Aid for Needy Families also known as TANF is a great singhe mother grants program which can offer you grants each month for up to 60 months that can be used towards suiting your children needs, whatever they may be.
  2. is another all encompassing program you can use when looking for single mother grants that will allow you to view over 1000 different programs out there that are offering grants to low income families. ONce you sign up as a member on their website, you will be granted access to the programs.


  1. The first single mother grants program that is Pell Grant which can provide you with up to 5550 dollars per year towards schooling costs if you are eligible and is one of the largest if not the largest federal grant program for schooling grants helping over 5 million people currently.
  2. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity is anothe organization funded by the government offering eligible applicants the chance to get anywhere from 100 to 4000 dollars in the form of a grant.
  3. Another great resource that you can find out if your eligible for many single mother grants is to fill out a FAFSA which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application will let you know if you are eligible for funding and what amount, and it is also manditory if you are going to apply for the Pell Grant, so filling out one of these is a good way to kill two birds with one stone.


  1. CoAbode is an excellent program to use when looking for housing single mother grants. They are a non profit organization dedicated to helping single mothers get back on their feet in many ways. Some of the ways in which the provide help are; safe and affordable homes, getting you back in the work force as well as helping you find a single mom roomate to help you pay bills in the even that you kept the home after the divorce.
  2. Another program to use when looking for single mother grants is to check out HUD also known as Housing and Urban Development. They are a government funded program that provides eligible applicants with finding safe housing, home repairs as well a helping you get a low interest loan when you are ready to buy a home.


  1. Angel Food Industries is an excellent program to find food single mother grants and provides eligible applicants with monely funding that goes towards your grocery shopping bills.
  2. WIC or Wemon Infants and Children is another way you can get food grants for single mothers. This program is more geared towards pregnant women and women with children who are 5 or under and provides a way for you to get free healthy food for your children.

 Single Mother Grants- Conclusion

These 9 single mother grants programs can get you off to a great start when applying for help. These programs haved provided help for millions of single mothers and can do the same for you. Try to apply for as many as possible so you have the great chance of sucess in getting accepted into one or multiple programs. Thank you for reading this single mother grants article and hopefully you now know more about the subject than before you can to this page.