Single Mom Scholarships – 4 Scholarship Programs

Single mom scholarships can be found in many different scholarship programs, you just need to know where to look. IF you are looking to further your schooling and are looking for single mom scholarships information, the below will details 3 different programs that offer mothers living in the US the opportunity to receive grants. These programs will be the most reputable and accredited options out there so you won’t become a victim of one of the many scams out there.

Single Mom Scholarships – Scholarship Programs

First off, when looking for single mom scholarships, an excellent local option is to call or go to your local community college and inquire about what there is to offer in the form of grants or scholarships for people in your situation. This method has yielded billions in scholarships. Here are four excellent ways to get single mom scholarships so that you can further your education for either free or a lot less than what you originally would have paid without financial aide:

  1. One of the most widely used programs around the United States is the Pell Grant. This single mom scholarship program is currently providing financial aid to over 5.4 million students. If you are eligible for this program, you will receive, depending on your life situation, up to 5,273 dollars per year towards schooling tuition. What you will receive in the form of financial aid will be determined by the Pell Grant formula which is Financial Need = Cost of Attendance (CoA) – Expected Family Contribution (EFC).
  2. PEO also known as Philanthropic Educational Organization is another neat option to consider when doing your search for single mom scholarships. This program was founded with the goal in mind too and that is to celebrate the advancement of women by giving out scholarships, awards, loans grants and more to many women each year. Considering that this foundation has been around over 140 years, they sure know their stuff when it comes to helping you on your way to higher education.
  3. If you are looking for funding for your third and fourth year, the National SMART Grant program is another option when looking for single mom scholarships. This program offers up to 4000 dollars to its eligible applicants.
  4. Another program for single mom scholarships that you can find various programs that are offering scholarships to moms going back to school is the website called For future information, this site is not restricted to financial education, as it provides over 1000 different programs out there for financial aid that awards billion annually. By becoming a registered user which can be done on their main page, you will be granted access to all the different programs out there that are offering federal grants.

Single Mom Scholarships – Conclusion

These 4 single mom scholarships programs are some of the best ways around to attain the money you need in order to achieve higher education. These methods have resulted in millions of single moms getting a chance that they would have had to go back to school and do it without having to break the bank. By utilizing one or more of these methods, which there is a possibility to get multiple single mom scholarships, you will be on your way to completing higher education and into a great career.

Great luck on your search for single mom scholarships and all the best in the career path that you choose!

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