Education Grants For Single Mothers – Funding For Your Schooling

Education grants for single mothers offer money for single moms to go back to school and not be burdened with having to pay back the money. These school grants for single mothers offer you money that you can use towards anything related to your schooling and offer you the chance to attain the money you need to be able to afford to school and get a degree which in turn will enable you to support you family and provide for your little ones. Below are a host of different programs that offer education grants for single mothers as well as details on each program.

Grant Programs That Offer Education Grants For Single Mothers

The Sunshine Lady Foundation, Inc

This program offers education grants for single moms in two different categories, which consist of:

  • Learning By Giving – This school grants for single mothers program aims to promote the act of philanthropy and is mainly for undergraduate students. The program awards $10,000 to eligible applicants, which the money can be used to study a myriad of philanthropy courses throughout the nation.
  • Women’s Independence Scholarship Program – This education grants for single mothers program was established with the end goal in mind of putting an end to domestic violence and lends a helping hand to single mothers and women who have unfortunately experienced or are experiencing a violent relationship. This single mothers grant program offers scholarships and grants to all different types of students and aspiring students, but especially attendees of; community colleges, vocational and technical schools and state-supported schools. For single moms and women attending private universities, the opportunity still poses itself to qualify for scholarships so don’t rule yourself out. Education grants for single mothers through the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program are given to both part-time and full-time students.

Pell Grant

The Pell Grant doesn’t offer education grants for single mothers specifically but single mothers can greatly benefit from it as it provides eligible applicants up to $5660 per year to use towards their schooling as well as related expenses. The way to find out how much you qualify for is by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which can be done as soon as January 1st of the year you are looking to get federal financial aid, and needs to be filled out every year that you need financial aid. The best thing about this education grants for single mothers option is that the amount you are eligible for is based on your financial need, so they weigh the single mother status heavily when reviewing applications.

The FAFSA should be one of your first resources that you want to utilize, not only for the Pell Grant but because it also qualifies you for different loan programs, which provide low-interest rates and better repayment terms, unlike private loans. So if you do end up having to utilize student loans, you can do so through federal loan programs which offer a much better experience and are also needs-based, which your credit score has nothing to do with eligibility.

Career Based

There are also career based education grants for single mothers that you can apply for as well, which depending on your profession, these grants can include less than $1000 to up to your entire education paid for, especially ones that pay for your education in turn for you working a designated amount of years in an area that needs your service most. This can also be the case for loan forgiveness so keep this in mind, like for example the Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (NELRP) who offers those who graduated from nursing school the chance to have 85 percent of their loans paid off if they work in a facility that is experiencing a nursing shortage for 3 years.

Tips To Follow When Applying For Educations Grants For Single Mothers

There are a few things you should keep in mind when setting out to apply for education grants for single mothers which the main thing is that there are all types of programs, which all have different eligibility requirements, which you may or may not meet. Considering this fact, the best thing to do is apply to as many as possible, filling out the application in its entirety, which they can be super long and if you make a mistake it will only set you back in getting college grants for single mothers.

The other method you can utilize is simply making an appointment with a guidance counselor at your school or the one you wish to attend and inquiring about programs for single mothers that help with paying your tuition. This process can seem both times consuming and stressful, and can be at times but the time put forth can pay off big as you can get some or even your entire education paid for through these education grants for single mothers programs.

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