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Free Money For Single Moms – 5 Ways To Get Free Money

August 16, 2011

Free Money For Single Moms

Free money for single moms are available to you through many different programs out there, and since you are a mom, you deserve it more than anybody. This fact alone is why this article is written, to bring your information about free money for single moms, also known as grants where you will receive money and never have to worry about paying it back or getting calls from debt collectors. Enough talking, the next section will give you 5 different programs that offer free money for single moms.

Free Money For Single Moms – 5 Methods

  1. The first way that isn’t specifically for moms looking for free money, but can be used by everyone who needs it, is by becoming a registered user at This website is one of the most accredited programs out there for finding all types of organizations that are giving out grants to help you in your mothering life. They currently have 1000 different programs that they supply to you that offer grants, and are the middle man when it comes to billions of dollars in grants given every year. The website itself doesn’t provide money, but refers you to the organizations that are.
  2. Free money for single moms who are looking to go back to school can be obtained through a widely known program called the Pell Grant. Pell Grants are funded by the government and are there to supply money to those who are motivated and looking to futher their education by don’t have the funds to go back to school. If you are eligible for this program, you will receive up to over 5000 dollars per year towards tuition costs.
  3. A great program out there that provides free money for single moms when it comes to getting medical insurance for your kids is The Childrens Health Insurance Program. This program states that if you earn under 44,500 per year, than you can qualify to get your children covered for multiple different aspects of healthcare.
  4. Another great site that you can go to when looking for free money for single moms is the site called This program can assist you in finding assistance programs out there. A simple way to find what is out there when it comes to exactly what you need is by going to their site, on the left hand side you will find a category that says “benefits quick search”, click this and you will be able to view all there is out there when it comes to finding benefits.
  5. Lastly, a method that can be used to find free money for single moms is by visting what is called the FAFSA website. On the website you will find many options when it comes to receive free money for single moms and is another accredited source to use in your seach. This method is also a great program to use for when you are unsure if a grant progam is legit are not as most if not all grant programs are listed on the FAFSA website.

Free Money For Single Moms – Conclusion

All of these programs will have different guidlines to what you need to apply as well as what your financial situation needs to become eligible for their program. These 5 mentioned above are all reputable ways of obtaining free money for single moms, and will not scam you. There are many scam artists out there that are advertising free money for single moms, but will not help you at all. A good way to avoid these scams is to only do business with coorporations that are offering your free help, if anyone asks you to pay first, run the other direction.

Good luck in your free money for single moms seach, and hopefully this list will give you a good start and provide you with free money that you rightfully deserve being a single mom.