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Grants and Scholarships For Single Mothers For Schooling

March 17, 2012

Grants and Scholarships For Single Mothers

There are various grants and scholarships for single mothers that you can apply for and utilize to help pay for your schooling, money that unlike loans never have to be paid back. Below are 4 different methods that you can utilize that can provide you with single mothers grants and scholarships, both federal and private


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) wasn’t created just for the single mothers, but for those who are in a state of financial need. It is one application that allows you to apply for various different grant programs, one of them being the Pell Grant where eligible applicants are entitled to up to $5660 a year to use towards their schooling. If in the event that you end up need loans for school to pay for what your grant money doesn’t cover, this grants and scholarships for single mothers application will also allow you to see how much money you qualify for when it comes to the federal grant programs offered, both the Perkins and Stafford, those of which are both needs based as well as your eligibility is not based off of how good or bad your credit score is. The FAFSA must be completed and sent in every year that one is going to college and need federal financial aid.

WISP Change Your World

This is a private non-profit organization that is offered by a lady named Doris Buffet whom was a single mother at for many years, and offering grants and scholarships for single moms to go back to school for those who need it the most. The program states the applicants that are most encouraged to apply are those who have a strong desire to go to or go back to college but their funding won’t allow them as it is all going towards paying the bills to support their family.

Academic Competitive Grant

The Academic Competitive Grant is offered to student both entering into their first year of college as well as those entering into their second year of schooling. This grant offers up to $700 for those in their first year and up to $1300 for second year students.

Other Resources
A couple of other resources that you can consider when looking for college grants and scholarships for single mothers is to inquire about it through your employer as well as non profit agencies like church congregations. The main thing to remember is that there are a lot of applicants so getting the applicant process started as early as possible is higly advised, as well as applying for as many programs as you can as this will give you the best opportunity possible to get scholarships and grants for single mothers that will provide you with money to further your education.

For even more grants that you can qualify for as a single mom, visit the following link where we discuss programs dedicated to providing funding for things like; housing, utilities, business grants, insurance and more: grants and scholarships for single mothers.


College Grants For Single Mothers – 5 Ways To Get Grants

August 16, 2011

College Grants For Single Mothers

College grants for single mothers enable a mom who is looking to further her education in order to find better employment. By coming accross one of these grants, it will allow you to both attain your college education goal, as well as keep the money you would have spent on tuition, using it for bills or fun with your little ones. If you starting your search for college grants for single mothers, the next section will provide you with loads of details on some of the best programs out there so that you can get your education done, the free way, which is the best way!

College Grants For Single Mothers – Different Grants

First off, before we get into the tried and true methods, it should be known that there are excellent scholarships and grants that come out of community colleges all the time when it comes to college grants for single mothers. Community colleges have many different financial aide programs, so looking into this option can be a great option when looking for single mom college grants. Here are a few other methods that offer college grants for single mothers.

  1. The Pell Grant is a college grant for single mothers that has been granted to many moms around the country year after year. This grant option is government funded and are for first and second year students who don’t have the means to pay for their tuition costs. A grant from Pell is accepted at over 5400 locations and a qualified applicant can receive up to 400 – 5350 dollars for their college training. This college grants for single mothers option is the mostly widely used, being that there are currently over 5.4 million students within the Pell grant program
  2. The WISP Change Your World scholarship is a program put on buy Doris Buffet who is the sister of Warren Buffet. This program was founded on the belief that “Every student who is capable, motivated and willing to work hard should have the opportunity to earn a college degree” people who are encouraged to apply are those who are highly motivated to complete their higher education but cant because their finances are going towards family needs.
  3. Another excellent way to find college grants for single mothers is to use the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity who provides college grants to students who are at need financial assistance the most. This program will offer its qualified applicants 100- 4000 dollars towards their tuition fees.
  4. For the single moms who have held a good GPA in highschool, the Academic Competitive Grant program is another great option when looking for college grants for single mothers. If are just entering your first year of college, you can receieve up to 750 dollars, and if you are going into your second year, you can be awarded up to 1300 dollars.
  5. Depending which state you live in, there are various different grants and scholarships that are avialable to single moms looking to go back to school. You can find out what is currently offered by doing a search on the internet. When you start your seach, you will want to enter the name of your state followed by “governments higher education resources.” So for example: California governments higher education resources. This method of trying to obtain college grants for single mothers has been used many times and many single moms have received the money they need to go to school.

College Grants For Single Mothers – Conclusion

If you happen to exaust all the above options and they don’t prove worth of offering college grants for single mothers continue searching as there are many others out there. But when doing your seach, in order to avoid becoming a victim of scam, avoid all programs like spam emails on college funds and organizations who ask you to pay for their service as they are just looking to make a quick buck off people. Other than that, great luck on your search for college grants for single mothers, and remember to be relentless in your search as one will end up working out for you, in the short run or in the long run.