Single Mothers Grants – 5 Great Organizations To Use

Single Mother Grants

Single mother grants are your saving grace, and there are so many incredible grants programs out there that you can use which will enable you to relax as well as not have to pay these back, ever. If you are looking for legitimate programs that give single mother grants, your search stops here as you will be provided with 5 different methods grant programs that have helped many mothers who are in the exact same situation you are.

Single Mother Grants - 5 Different Programs

Below will be programs that you can apply to that include schooling, housing, getting a car

  1. The first single mother grants program that has an incredible vistion when it comes to helping single moms is one named TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. This program is one that you can use for mutliple things, some of which include housing, food, furniture, clothing, transportation, household equiptment, laundry among others.  The money you receive each month will depend on two factors, and that is how big your family is, as well as your annual income level. As you can tell, this single mother grants method can benefit you in many aspects of your single mother life
  2. If you are in dire need of a car, an excellent program that gives single mother grants in the form of a car is called Charity Cars Inc. They goal is to provide a more self efficient lifestyle to those who believe that not having transportation is holding you back. They operate on an as needed basis as many other grant programs do, which means people who are in the most needy place will get a car before someone with a less critical situation.
  3. Housing and Urban Development is a nationally funded federal program that offers many low income families grants that they can use to find affordabe as well as safe and sanitary housing. They can also be used for other aspects of home life like repairs as well as loans to purchase a home. Another resource you can use when search for single mother grants for home help is a webiste called
  4. If you need help with food costs, single mother grants for food can be found through a program called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This program alone provides food to over 40 million people each month, providing food stamps that can be used to purhcase healthy food for your entire family.
  5. The Pell Grant program is one of the best around for getting schooling grants for single mothers. They are currently providing money to over 5 million students in the form of billions of dollars per year. Being that this is an as needed program as well, being a single mother provides great incentive for them to give you the money you need to go back to school.

These resources above are more on a national scale catering to everybody who needs them, but if you are looking for more local resources when it comes to single mother grants, you can use these:

  • Local non profit organizations.
  • Counselers at community colleges to get information on financial aid.
  • Churches and religious groups.
  • Contacting your utility provider and explaining your situation, often times they will help you out on lowering your bill.

These three local methods, although not spefically in the single mother grants category, have provided help to many people in need and can be used by you as well.

Single Mother Grants – Conclusion

There are two things to remember when applying for these single mother grants programs. one being that you should apply to as many as possible, and two, remeber to be as patient as you can as there are many people struggling as well. We wish you all the luck in the world on your applications process, and hope you become eligible for many programs, as well as hope that this single mother grants information was exactly what you needed in order to get your life back on track.