Single Mothers Grants – 7 Great Grant Programs

If you are looking for information on single mothers grants than you are in the right place! This article will bring to you some of the best resources you can use when setting out to get the money your need as well as deserve. Once you are done with this article you will have 7 resources you can use today in which you can use to get grants aka free money ASAP!

Single Mothers Grants – 7 Different Programs


Before we get into 3 different methods that you can use to get grants, a local resource that you can use is a nearby community college where the counselors in the front office can educate you on funding they have when it comes to single mothers grants, as well as if they know about any other programs that you can apply to for help on tuition fees. Also, there is an opportunity to get grants from employers if you are currently working, in the event that you want to get more knowledge in the field where you have a job, as employers like this.

  1. The first great state grants program in which you can find single mothers grants is called Soroptimist International of the Americas which can be found at and is a program geared towards helping single mothers who are are the sole financial provider for the family.
  2. Another great program that you can use is one that is called the Pell Grant. Eligible applicants are entitled to receiving up to 5550 dollars per year to use towards schooling costs, and has helped many single mothers as they cater to those who are in the toughest financial situation.
  3. If you happen to be reading this at the age of 34 or older, a great organization for this age group of single mothers is called Jeanette Rankin Foundation which can be visited at where you will find the most updated details on the program. They are also there for the mothers out there who are doing it all by themselves providing a way to go back to school being that they are unable to pay for it.


  1. The USDA grant program is a great one for single mothers grants in the housing category. They can help you with many things like help with paying rent bills, home repairs as well as getting you a low-interest payment plan if you choose to take out a loan to buy a home.
  2. Another great program that can help you with single mothers grants when looking for housing help is HUD or Housing and Urban Development. This program can help you just like USDA, and is one of if not the largest funded federal housing program in the US.


Before we get into single mothers grants that help you get food for cheap or free, a quick method in which you can get free or discounted food for both yourself and your children is by inquiring through both your school and your work to check if your income is low enough to get discounts on lunch, which if you are single mom, you should be able to get it no problem

  1. WIC is a great program that offered nationally and is one of the greatest methods around for helping single moms out with grocery costs. This single mother grants program is more for pregnant women and children up to 5 years of age. They have what are called food vouchers in which they provide to you where you can redeem them for fruits vegetables and some meats.
  2. Another program that can be more widely used for all ages of children is by applying for Food Stamps. This program has enabled many people to avoid going hungry by giving them food stamps which they can use to buy the foods they need.

Single Mothers Grants – Conclusion

By now we hope you are much more familiar with what is out there as far as single mothers grants go, and hopefully this information was exactly what you were looking for before you came to this page. And please do not feel bad about using these programs because everyone needs help sometimes. Great luck on your search for single mothers grants, and be sure to use as many of them as possible to better your chances of acceptance.

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