Single Mother Grants – 9 Grant Programs

If you are looking for single mother grants, we have you covered, rest assured! Provided for you in this article will be information on 9 different grant programs that you can use when looking for single mother grants. These programs are some of the most tried and true methods to get grants in multiple areas of your life and best of all, they are grants, which means you will never have to pay them back, EVER! Below will be information on grants in 4 different categories that you can use.

Single Mother Grants – 9 Grant Programs

Before we get into the actual programs that offer single mother grants, there are a couple other ways that are kind of “underground” methods that you should know about. First off, you can often times get free training or schooling through an employer if you want to further your education in the job you are in right now, this will show your employer that you want to be a more valuable asset on the job and often times has resulted in free schooling. Also, a good way to get free of highly discounted food for lunch for both you and your kids is to inquire through both your work and their school to see if your income is low enough to receive free or discounted food.

Here are are 8 Programs that can help you with what you need:


  1. Temporary Aid for Needy Families knew as TANF is a great single mother grants program which can offer you grants each month for up to 60 months that can be used towards suiting your children needs, whatever they may be.
  2. is another all encompassing program you can use when looking for single mother grants that will allow you to view over 1000 different programs out there that are offering grants to low-income families. Once you sign up as a member on their website, you will be granted access to the programs.


  1. The first single mother grants program that is Pell Grant which can provide you with up to 5550 dollars per year towards schooling costs if you are eligible and is one of the largest if not the largest federal grant program for schooling grants helping over 5 million people currently.
  2. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity is another organization funded by the government offering eligible applicants the chance to get anywhere from 100 to 4000 dollars in the form of a grant.
  3. Another great resource that you can find out if you’re eligible for many single mother grants is to fill out an FAFSA which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application will let you know if you are eligible for funding and what amount, and it is also mandatory if you are going to apply for the Pell Grant, so filling out one of these is a good way to kill two birds with one stone.


  1. CoAbode is an excellent program to use when looking for housing single mother grants. They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping single mothers get back on their feet in many ways. Some of the ways in which the provide help are; safe and affordable homes, getting you back in the workforce as well as helping you find a single mom roommate to help you pay bills in the event that you kept the home after the divorce.
  2. Another program to use when looking for single mother grants is to check out HUD also known as Housing and Urban Development. They are a government funded program that provides eligible applicants with finding safe housing, home repairs as well a helping you get a low-interest loan when you are ready to buy a home.


  1. Angel Food Industries is an excellent program to find food single mother grants and provides eligible applicants with money funding that goes towards your grocery shopping bills.
  2. WIC or Women Infants and Children is another way you can get food grants for single mothers. This program is more geared towards pregnant women and women with children who are 5 or under and provides a way for you to get free healthy food for your children.

 Single Mother Grants- Conclusion

These 9 single mother grants programs can get you off to a great start when applying for help. These programs have provided help for millions of single mothers and can do the same for you. Try to apply for as many as possible so you have the great chance of success in getting accepted into one or multiple programs. Thank you for reading this single mother grants article and hopefully, you now know more about the subject than before you can to this page.

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