Single Moms Grants – 10 Programs To Use

Before we get into these great single moms grants programs, if you need help right now, you can call 211 which is a hotline that will assist you in finding the help you need through local organizations.

Being that you are looking for single moms grants, you need help like yesterday, and that is what we are here to do! We have compiled a list of many different grants for single moms programs and grant programs in general that provide assistance in multiple areas of a single mom’s life. Whether you need help with medical bills, Read on for more information!

Single Moms Grants Programs

Housing Single Moms Grants

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Housing and Urban Development is a national housing program funded by the government. They grant billions a year in housing assistance and are another great resource to consider when searching for single moms grants. They specialize in providing housing help that consists of; helping pay for rent, finding homes in safe neighborhoods for those needing housing, home improvement as well as helping the unemployed find jobs. You can visit their site for more information as well as apply at

Other organizations that can help you find good housing:

  • Contact your state’s Housing Finance Agency.
  • Vist which is the main site for Habitat For Humanity who is a non-profit organization with the belief and vision that all families should have a “decent, safe and affordable place to live”.
  • Visit who is a non-profit organization as well and help find compatible roommates for single moms, who are also single mothers, which will help in paying your rent.

The YMCA, as well as local homeless shelters, can assist you in finding something fast while giving you time to apply for these programs.

Medical Bills

Insure Kids Now

If you are looking for medical bills assistance on your single moms grants pursuit, Insure Kids Now, who are affiliated with Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), can help get rid of these pesky things and provide either free or affordable health insurance for your kids and with the possibility for their parents as well. You can visit them at as well as apply there through their link on the home page.

Schooling Single Moms Grants

The Pell Grant

The Pell Grant is also a national program that is funded by the government and has granted hundreds of thousands of single moms grants. They offer eligible applicants up to 5,550 dollars per school year that you can use for; tuition, transportation, supplies, a computer and more. You can find out more about them at as well as fill out what is called an FAFSA standing for Free Application for Federal Student Aid which determines if you qualify as well as how much money you qualify for.

Another site that can assist you in your pursuit for schooling assistance as well as various types fo single moms grants is By becoming a member of this site, which can be done through their home page, you will get access to over 900 different grant programs, all of which you can apply for the get the help you deserve

Utility Bills Grants

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program

If you are needing help paying for utility bills, the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program can assist in helping you with heating and cooling costs through their “mandatory block grants”. You can find out more information at as well as apply for grants.

Business Grants –

This site is a great resource for both applying for single moms grants for start-up  businesses, as well as self-improvement. Besides from being able to apply for grants, they have weekly posts by women describing things like; easing anxiety through meditation and other techniques, self-expression, how to find balance in your life and much more. Again they can be visited at

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