Government Help For Single Moms – 5 Great Programs

This article is all about giving you government help for single moms because we know that is what you need. Below will be cold hard facts to the programs that flat out work for all of the single moms looking for government help, not a load of garbage that won’t help you at all. Below will be 5 different government help for single moms programs that can help you get ahead by helping your out financially.

Government Help For Single Moms – 5 Programs

  1. The first government help for single moms program worth talking about is a program called Temporary Aid For Needy Families. This is an organization whom through you can get help in not one area but many as they provide their eligible applicants with help with food, housing, in the form of monthly grants. Their mission is to help families achieve self-sufficiency in the way of granting money for the above needs, helping with job preparation and finding work as well as being there to help if you want to put your marriage back together. Simply stated, they “promote work, responsibility, and self – sufficiency.
  2. The next excellent government help for single moms method to use in your search for a helping hand is an organization called LIHEAP or Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. This program can help you pay for bills that involve heating and cooling your home. This program currently has a budget of 4.5 billion dollars and have help millions of families with utility bills.
  3. If you are looking for government help for single moms because you are looking to go back to school, a great method to use for that is to apply for is the Pell Grant. The Pell Grant supplies people money who have a dream of going back to college to get a degree but don’t have enough money to do so. This program is great as you can receive up to 5550 per year each year you are a student at a college.
  4. Another program geared towards providing you with information on both state and local government grant programs is a website called This website can help you with finding more local resources that you can use when it comes to government help for single moms.
  5. There is also a website you can use when looking for government help for single moms that works on more of a broader scale offering many programs that can be accessed not matter where you are in the US a website that can assist you to buy providing over a 1000 different grant programs, and that website is called This site alone has been a referral middle man to supplying individuals all over the US with grant money that has totaled over 5 billion dollars per year. This site itself doesn’t grant you money, but will provide you with information about all the grant programs that will. All you have to do is become a member of the site which can be done at

Government Help For Single Moms – Conclusion

These 5 methods should give you a great start in finding what you need in the form of government help for single moms. These methods can be used by anyone in the US, and is not limited to a certain location in the country. Hopefully, this government help for single moms programs are what you were looking for when you came to this page, and we hope that they serve you very well.

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