Money For Single Mothers – 9 Ways to Get Free Money

Money For Single Mothers

I don’t have to tell you twice that money more often than not runs a bit scarce is a single moms life, but there are ways to remedy this scarcity, and that is money for single mothers. Money for single mother can be found through many grant sources that are dedicated to helping you out due to the predicament you are in of doing everything on your own. Allow the methods below to be your guide to getting the money you deserve.

Money For Single Mothers – 9 Grant Programs

Being a single mom involves many things that cost money, because of this fact alone, below will be 5 money for single mothers programs, that are in 5 different areas of a single moms life, schooling, housing, child care, medical bills and food. And just because you deserve it, there will also be other resources which you can use in your daily life starting today.


  • This grant money for single mothers grant program is talked about many times on this site because it offers billions of dollars in grants per year and is the biggest federal schooling program around, and that is the Pell Grant. The Pell Grant was first established in 1962 for what they called need based applicants, which means people who need the most, get the most money for college. This program currently offers its eligible applicants anywhere from 100 to up to 5550 dollars in tuition funds each year that you are enrolled. This program is mainly used for undergraduate studies, and the funding can be used for tuition, books, materials as well as transportation.


  • HUD or Housing and Urban Developmentis an excellent resources when it comes to getting money for single mothers. This program will help you afford safe housing buy supplying you with housing voucers that can either be used through many different renters, or you can check with your current landlord to see if you can use them where you live now.
  •  You can also use CoAbode which is a wonderful ogranization providing single moms with a compatible single mom roomate which can help assist you with paying the bills, whether you are moving into a new home, or kept the home after the divorce. It is hard to feel alone with their motto being “The greatest relief may be that your not doing this alone”. This right here shows that they have strong desire to help you as much as possible.


  • A great program out there to use for food money for single mothers is one called Angel Food Ministries. They are a non profit organization currently provideing hunders upon hundreds of thousands of single mom families with food financial support. They are currently in 45 different states accross the country and aim to provide eligible candidates with healthy food support.
  • If this program is not in your state, or you are looking for something different, is the Food Stamp program. You can use food stamps in exchange for foods you need for both you and your children.


  • The DHHS or Department of Health and Human Services is an excellent program that provides money for single mothers to use towards safe and secure childcare, giving you the peace of mind that your loved ones are safe as well as giving you the time freedom to do schooling while they are at childcare.


  • You can find help with medical bills for your children through a program called Childrens Health Insurance Programs (CHIP). Their goal of operation is to provide every child medical insurance who can’t afford it. This program can cover bills like medical, dental, vsision and perscription.

You can also use these sites in your money for single mothers search:

  • – Supplies registered users with over 1000 different grant programs that you can apply to directly.
  • – Gives you access to multiple different housing grant programs in your area, all you have to do is enter your state and zip code.

Money For Single Mothers – Conclusion

These are 9 of some of the best ways to get money for single mothers in the form of grants. This is money you will never have to pay back again, whatsover. These cooporations know how hard it can be being a single mothers, and are there to lend a hand to those in need. Use these money for single mothers programs as they are reputable and will help you in more ways than one.