Financial Help For Single Moms – 5 Great Programs

There are many avenues for moms to take looking for help for single mothers, you just need to know where to look. There is a mix of great, mediocre and just flat out scams when it comes to finding help for single moms. This article will spare the mediocre as well as the scams and offer you the best of the best that offers single moms the help that they desperately need. After reading this you will be very educated on some of the most accredited programs around.

Help For Single Mothers – 5 Great Programs

Since a lot of mothers out there need help when it comes to schooling as they want to go back to school to obtain a better job, this section is dedicated to showing the one of the best programs around for shooting help for single moms with two different ways.

  • The first way that is highly suggested is to apply for a Pell Grant. This is a government funded program that allows those who are eligible to receive up to over 5000 dollars that can go towards tuition, books schooling supplies and more. They are currently granting money to over 5 million people, so they offer good chances in receiving some form of help for single moms in the form of schooling.
  • Another great way to get grants to particular schools that you wish to attend is by filling out a free application through a program called FAFSA or Federal Student Aide. This program can show you what there is to offer in the form of school grants when it comes to the school you want to get your education through and is also nationally funded like the one above which means that you can use it anywhere you live in the US.


Housing is a big priority as well as it costs a lot as well, this section will show you how to get housing at a more affordable rate.

  • The first program that is an excellent one to go through is a program called Housing and Urban Development. This program has helped many single mothers by finding affordable and safe housing. They will help eligible applicants by providing housing vouchers that can be used through many landlords that they will tell you about. They can also be used if you need home repair as well as buying a home where they will help you find a good loan with a low monthly interest payment.
  • Also, when looking for help for single moms in the form of help with housing is a program called CoAbode. This program is very dedicated to helping single mothers get into housing as well as finding a single mom who can be your roommate to help you with rent if you keep the house after a divorce.


You can also find help for single moms when it comes to medical bills for your children. The way below is an excellent resource to do this through.

  • A great program to get help for medical bills a called CHIP also known as Children’s Health Insurance Programs. Eligible applicants for this program can receive help in many aspects of your children life like; medical bills, dental bills as well as prescription fills among many others.

Help For Single Moms – Conclusion

These are 5 excellent tools to use when looking for help for single moms as they provide ways to help in multiple areas of your life. They are great organizations dedicated to helping you with being a single mom which is one of the toughest jobs around. By utilizing these help for single moms methods, they can make your job as a single mom a bit easier and provide you with much-needed stress relief.

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