Housing Help For Single Moms – Programs & Tip That Can Help You

For single mothers, a shelter is their top priority for their families and just happens to be the most expensive aspect of what they have to fit into their budget. This is a fact, but there are programs out there offering housing help for single moms that can provide you with financial assistance that can help ease the stress and help you pay some of most of your housing bills. Below are various programs that offering housing help in many forms, all of which can help you in the pursuit of getting the financial aid that you deserve.

Programs That Offer Housing Help For Single Moms

US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

HUD is a government funded housing assistance program that you can apply for when searching for housing help for single moms, as this program offers assistance to low-income families to gain accommodations in the form of low-income housing. This program has certain eligibility requirements that have to do with both your monthly income as well as asset based, and provides eligible candidates with housing vouchers which can be redeemed for housing help through landlords who accept them. HUD will also provide eligible candidates with finding safe housing as well, ensuring that families are going to be safe in their new residence.

Utility Assistance

When it comes to getting help with utilities in your home, the first thing to do is go to the source directly meaning you can call your utility provider and talk to them about your situation and ask if they would consider lowering your bills, as often times they will provide assistance to those in a financial pinch. This is the fastest way to possible housing help for single mothers that you don’t have to apply for and wait to find out if you qualify. The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program is another awesome program that provides housing help for single mothers and those in financial need helping eligible applicants with lowering their heating bill each month.


CoAbode is a very innovative program that offers housing help for single mothers in a form that differs from most all other financial assistance programs out there as they provide single mothers with the chance to have a roommate that is also a single mother to help pay the bills. There is a screening process where CoAbode makes sure that the single mother applicants are safe and will be a good match as well as be able to pay the bills.

Housing and Community Facilities Program (HCFP)

If you happen to live in more of a rural are, the HCFP can provide you with housing help for single moms if you fit certain eligibility requirements.


For those needing immediate help, whether it be for housing, food, utilities, schooling grants and more, the best thing to do is to call 2-1-1 which will allow you to speak to an operator who will help you find local assistance. This method is by far the fastest and easiest method to getting housing help for single mothers both short-term as well as long-term, and can help you get something quick while you apply for other programs that offer you financial assistance.

Private Assistance

You may also be able to get housing help for single mothers through private organizations as well like the YMCA as well as local churches and on a more national scale other private organizations that provide assistance to single mothers which you can search for on the internet.

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