Single Mother Assistance – Housing and Education Assistance

Being a single mom is tough, juggling the schedules of you and your little ones, dishes, washing clothes, and on and on, that’s why this article will bring you single mother assistance methods that you can use to get and edge up on your life as a single mother. Since you can receive single mother assistance through many methods, this article will give you the methods in two financial assistance categories; grant programs and loan programs, both in the schooling and housing category, and these are not some fly by not operation, but have been used for countless years so you know you will be getting service that is real.

Single Mother Assistance – Multiple Organizations Offering Help


This section will show you both a grant program as well as a loan program that you can use for schooling costs. But before getting into the two organizations, you can take advantage of more local resources as well to get single mother assistance, and that is by contacting the school you want to attend and ask them what is out there for people in your situation as well as contacting your state’s Higher Education Agency who will have details on many resources when it comes to financial aid.

  1. The first great single mother assistance method is a government loan program called the Stafford Loan. Some of the benefits of this federal loan is that you don’t have to pay a dime while you are in college allowing you to pay when you are done, currently, they have a very low fixed interest rate which is at 3.40 and best of all, acceptance is not based on credit, so virtually everyone who applies is almost guaranteed a loan.
  2. If you are looking for a grant program to apply to that offers single mother assistance, a federal grant program that has helped many single mothers is the Pell Grant program. This one is worth talking about because the sheer numbers of how many grants are being given which is off over 5 million current people. This program awards you money based on your financial need as well as if you are receiving any help from other sources among other details, and allows eligible applicants to receive money each year they are in school, which is anywhere from up to 5500 for full-time, 4163 for three-quarters time, 2775 for students who attend half time, and up to 1388 for those who attend on a quarter-time basis. The minimum for all 4 categories is 555 dollars.


Here are two great methods to get single mother assistance when it comes to finding a place to live, this first one being a more widely used program as it is offered nationally, as well as one that you can use regardless of what state and city you live in.

  1. The Housing Choice Voucher Program, also known as Section 8 is a great way to receive financial help from the government to get you into both safe and affordable housing. This single mother assistance program will provide you with vouchers that you can use with either a landlord that you find who accepts Section 8 or checking with your current residence as they may accept the housing vouchers, allowing you to stay where you already live.
  2. By going to the website, you can gain access to thousand of agencies that offer you housing assistance. This single mother assistance method enables you to enter your specific state or zip code and what will come back is a list of cities in your state and immediate area that you can click on where you will find all the organizations that are providing housing assistance.

Single Mother Assistance – Conclusion

Although there are many other organizations out there offering single mother assistance, the ones above will give you a great place to start that are used both nationally as well as more specific to where you reside. The best thing to do right now as get out there and apply to these methods ASAP, and be aggressive in your search, don’t wait for them to come to you. Great luck on your single mother assistance search, and hopefully this was the information you needed!

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