Money Assistance For Single Mothers

If you are looking  for money assistance for single mothers, there are so many great programs that can help you out in a pinch. The first thing you should know is that you should apply for all the grant programs first, as these programs do not require you to pay back, unlike loans. Below are a few programs that offer cash assistance for single mothers for schooling, housing, insurance, utilities and more.

Money Assistance For Single Mothers Going To School

The first thing you will want to do to get single mothers cash assistance to pay tuition bills is to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application is sort of an all in one package that allows you to apply for all the federal loan and grant programs being offered. One of the major grant programs that is offered through the FAFSA is the Pell Grant, which  offering eligible applicants to opportunity to get up to $5660 per year to go towards not only tuition fees but also things like books, transportation, supplies and living expenses among others. If you end up having to take out loans for school, this application will also qualify you for federal grant programs which offer better interest rates and repayment options compared to private loans, as well as are offered in the form of a fixed interest rate which are rates that will never go up once you obtain the federal loan(s). A couple other options that you can consider that can result in money assistance for single mothers for school are; American Association of University Women, Fleming Associates Young Parent Program and Raise The Nation as well as inquiring about scholarship programs through both your employer if you are working and/or through local community colleges.

Housing  Money Assistance For Single Mothers

The surest fired way of obtaining housing money assistance for single mothers is to apply to a program called Housing and Urban Development, as this program is the biggest federally funded program that focuses on housing needs for those who need it most. This program can help you with a myriad of housing needs including helping you with rent assistance through housing vouchers, home improvement, helping you attain a down payment loan, finding safe housing and more.

Utility Money Assistance For Single Mothers

If you happen to be looking for money assistance for single mothers to help pay for utility bills, a great program for this is the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance program, which is offered by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Another option for assistance with your utility bills is to contact your utility provider and explain to them your situation, which can be the most direct way to get single mothers money assistance in the form of lowering your utility bills.

Rent Money Assistance For Single Mothers

There is also a program called CoAbode which doesn’t offer direct financial assistance for single mothers, but it offers you the chance to get in touch with another single mother that can become your roommate in order to provide rental assistance.

Insurance Money Assistance For Single Mothers

If you are looking to get insurance for your kids, a great program that offers just that is the Insure Kids Now program which is also offered by the US Department of Health and Human Services. If you happen to be employed, another great program that can help you with assistance in for insurance for your kids, as well as yourself, is the “employee-plus-child” program which offers employees the opportunity to only have to pay around 25 percent of the insurance bill which the other 75 percent is paid by the employer. To learn more about this program, inquire about it through your employer.

These cash assistance programs for single mothers are all based on financial need, which being a single mother provides excellent proof of this need. The best thing to do is to apply for as many programs as you can, giving you the best possible chance to obtain assistance for all that you need.

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