Single Mom Grants

There are many single mom grants programs out there that you can apply to if you need extra funding. You deserve this money and can take advantage of the opportunity to receive money that you never have to pay back. This article will provide you 8 different accredited programs that you can apply to when searching for single mom grants, 3 in each of the following categories; schooling grants, home bills grants as well as medical bills for your children grants.

Single Moms Grants – 8 Different Programs


  • The Pell Grant Program is an excellent and accredited program that can offer you up to 5000 plus dollars towards education each year that you are enrolled in schooling.
  • Another program when it comes to single mom grants for schooling is by filling out an FAFSA which is a Federal Student Aide application, that will let you know if you are eligible and also give you information on grant programs for the particular school that you wish to attend.
  • Another great way to find single mom grants related to tuition costs is by going into the front office at the campus you want to enroll at and set up an appointment with a counselor who will tell you about all the single mother grants that are out there for you to take advantage of.


  • The first single mom grants program that you can use for housing grants is one that is called TANF which stands for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. This program can offer you monthly funding for up to 60 months and have proved worthy for single moms to apply to.
  • Another great organization that is funded by the government is a program called HUD or Housing and Urban Development which provides eligible applicants with help with rent bills as well as finding you safe and affordable housing. They can also be used as a resource when it comes to home repairs and getting a loan to buy a house which will be low interest.
  • The last program for single mom grants for housing bills is one called CoAbode. This program is fully dedicated to getting moms affordable housing, helping them get back into the workforce as well as finding a single mom roommate that you can have moved in with you to help with rent costs in the event that you kept the home after the divorce.


  • A great program to apply to get help for medical bills is called Medicaid. This program can help people who can’t quite afford medical payments for their kids with affordable for  free medical insurance.
  • CHIP also known as Children’s Health Insurance Program is another way you can get single mom grants for medical bills. Their main goal of the operation is to provide every child with health insurance in the event that their family doesn’t have the resources needed to pay.

Single Mom Grants – Conclusion

Now that you know 8 different single mom grants programs out there, you can pick and choose which ones you want to apply to, although it is suggested that you apply to as many as possible so you set yourself up with a better chance to receive help financially. These programs are some of the most accredited and reputable organizations around that have been providing single mom grants for many years and will provide you with a great plan of attack when looking to get financial aid through grants.