Loans For Single Mothers – 6 Different Loan Programs

This article is dedicated to ending your search for good loans for single mothers programs as it has 5 of some of the best programs that offer loans to single mothers. They offer you organizations that can help you with multiple areas of your life as single mothers like, schooling loans, housing loans, bills as well as business loans so you can start your own business from home, that way you have resources for multiple needs that come up in your life.

Loans For Single Mothers – 6 Different Program

Since furthering education is a big priority in many single mothers lives, we will talk about great programs that deal with schooling when it comes to loans for single mothers. Here are great programs to use:


  • The first program that offers loans that you can use for schooling is a program called the Stafford Loan, that is provided on a needs basis. Some benefits of this program that it is very low interest currently at 3.4 – 4.5 percent, you don’t have to pay it back until you are completely finished with school, and can borrow for undergraduate students up to 12,500 dollars per year, and for postgraduates you are able to get up to 20,500 each year you are enrolled.
  • There is a program called Federal Student Aide which you can use to apply for loans when it comes to going back to school and having money for tuition. This site is all about federal grant and loans programs and cane provides you with information on many programs. The best thing about federal loans is that even if you have low credit, there is a great chance to still get accepted. This program alone provides assistance in the form of grants totaling in the billions of dollars. You can also find information on work study programs which is a paid way to learn a new trade.


  • Housing and Urban Development is an excellent program that you can use when looking for home loans for single mothers. They can help you with getting a low interest or interest-free home loan as well as helping you eligible candidates with getting money that can be used for house payments if you are renting.
  • A mother’s home loans program that you can apply for is a program through the United States Department of Agriculture. This program offers eligible applicants low mortgage premiums, low-interest plans, flexible credit guidelines and has been proven easier when it comes to qualifying than many other home loan programs out there.


  • is a great program to use when looking for business grants for single mothers. The minimum requirement to receive a loan is that you are 18 years of age or older, have a credit score of 600 or better as well as and have a minimum yearly income of 12,000 and above.

Loans For Single Mothers – Conclusion

These are 6 great ways go get loans for single mothers, but these are funding methods that will have to be paid back. If you are looking for free ways to get funding, which is in the form of grants, an excellent resource to use for many things, is a website called This site offers it, users, access to over 1000 different grant programs that you can apply to, which has equated to 5 billion dollars a year in grants that have been given to the public. Hopefully this information on loans for single mothers as well as getting grants provided you with the information you needed and you get the way you need out of these organizations.