Grants For Single Moms – Great Programs + Pros & Cons

There are so many programs out there that offer grants for single moms, and just like with anything else, there is are positive and negative aspects to getting grants through these programs. For all the moms out there, this article will bring you information on the pros and cons when it comes to the subject of grants for single moms as well as give you some excellent single moms grant programs that you can utilize if you feel that the benefits of getting one outweigh the negatives.


Grants For Single Moms – Pros & Cons


  • The first great aspect when it comes to grants for single moms is that it can offer you money that you never have to pay back again. This means that you won’t be harassed by bill collectors or have to pay a monthly payment.
  • There are grants for single mums programs out there that you can use for many different aspects of being a single mother like; housing grants, schooling grants, medical bills grants, food grants among many others.
  • For the most part, these grants can usually be received by moms regardless of their credit scores. If you happen to have a negative credit history it doesn’t mean that they are going to count you out of getting the money you need.
  • You can use a lot of these programs multiple times or for multiple months or years if you are eligible.


  • When it comes to the negative side of things on the subject of grants for single moms, some programs have mandatory rules about how you have to be a resident in the US for a certain amount of years as well as have the right financial situation to be eligible.
  • Sometimes they can be very difficult to qualify for because your financial situation isn’t as bad as the next applicant.
  • A lot of time you may not receive as much as you were hoping for when it comes to knowing what the maximum dollar amount can be.

Now that you know some of the pros and cons when it comes to grants for single moms, you can decide whether you want to apply to organization that offers you help. If you choose to do so, below are some of the greatest methods around when looking to get grants for single mothers. These resources have been applied by many single moms in the past who have been in need of financial assistance.

Grants For Single Moms – 5 Great Programs

  1. Schooling grants for single mothers can be found through the Pell Grant Program which can offer you up to over 5000 dollars per year towards your schooling.
  2. HUD or Housing and Urban Development is a great resource for housing grants for single moms, as well as helping you find a safe place to live.
  3. WIC also known as Women Infants and Children is another great program for food grants for single moms. It will supply food vouchers for pregnant mothers all the way up to children who are 5 years old which you can redeem for healthy foods.
  4. Medicaid is another program that you can apply to that can offer you medical help for your children. This program covers many bills that are medically related offering you the chance to receive either free or discounted medical insurance.
  5. is another great resource to use when looking for grants for single moms as it allows you access to over 1000 different grant programs out there that you can use.

Grants For Single Mothers – Conclusion

Now that you know a little bit more about how things work in the grants for single mothers world, you can now decide if you would like to apply to these programs. If you do, try to apply to as many as you can as it will set your chances of acceptance a lot higher than applying to just one or two. Hopefully, this article provided to you what you needed when it comes to grants for single mothers, and all the best in your application process.