Free or Cheap Cars For Single Mothers

November 28, 2011

Cars For Single Mothers

Having a car can be on the top priority list of necessities for a single mother, as you need to get to and from work or job interviews, drop your little ones off at school, buy groceries and much more. Below are some tips that you can use that can help you on your pursuit for free or low cost cars for single mothers as well as all encompassing tips.


Cars For Single Mothers Resources

  • Many non profit organizations take car donations and give them out for free to those in need. You can try this cars for single mothers method out by contacting non profit organizations in your area, which you can find out what organizations are near you by doing a google search with your city name as well as the word “non profit organizations”.
  • Craigslist – Craigslist is another excellent method to use on your search, as there can be excellent deals found on cars, which can be cheap or free. You may be able to get a car with a small problem, and be able to get it fixed by a mechanic, and explain your situation to them, as they may allow you to make payments to them. If you choose to use this cars for single moms method, it is a good idea to have a diagnostic check done to make sure it is running good, and has no serious problems. This should be done before you buy the car. When you set out to find a good car that will be suitable for your family, it good idea to keep in mind is to get a small car and avoid SUV’s if you can as insurance will be cheap.
  • Habitat For Humanity – Habitat for Humanity is a national non profit organization that helps people out with cars as well as housing assistance, and is another great resource to consider on your search from cars for single moms. They take car donations with the perk of tax write offs, then sell them to those in need of a car for low prices.
  • Call 1 800 CHARITY CARS (242 – 7489), as they are another great non profit organization that offer free cars for single mothers as well as people who are in need or transportation assistance. They are currently the leading force in the United States when it comes to car charities.
  • You can also contact the Goodwill in your local area, as many individuals donate their cars which are given out to those who need transportation.
Cars For Single Mothers
All Encompassing Tips
  • If you are currently employed, you can consider asking your employer if they will help you out, with a possible loan where you can have a small amount of money taken out of your check each month, or promise that you will stay with them for a certain period of time.
  • If your child goes to a school where one of their friends parents drive them to school everyday, you may want to consider asking them for a lending hand in the form of them picking them up from school, and offer to return the favor as soon as you find a car.
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